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How to safeguard your Gmail account from Hackers

Here are some very good techniques by us to make sure that your account is 100% safe from hackers who are now stealing all of the hackers. This techniques are given directly by the hacker who hacked many Gmail account. So follow these step in order to avoid getting hacked. So before I wanted to share the tips on safeguarding the gmail account I would like to tell you guys the worst disaster that can occur when someone gets access to your gmail account. Even this makes you out why you don't want to get hacked.

Here the main reason for not getting hacked:

On getting your Gmail hacked
i: The hacker gets access to all the contacts and other activities that are done,
ii. the password for all service that someone has subscribed for,
iii. the access for the direct Domain (if someone has purchased directly from the same email),
iv. access for CheckOut (if using) and can buy a lot of thing for free,
v. access for blogger account, in which later on can be under his control even though you have go the access back to that account.
vi. Faking with your account and messing it up with friends.
vii. Access to all products that you use of Google, once the Google account password is changed all of it's products are changed,
viii. and, not only these I thing you know there are lot other things than these.

The tips to be used so as to get your account most secure are mentioned below:

i. Never use a crackable password, or the words that are used in dictionary. You can say that numbers are not available in dictionary, but they are easily crackable using Brute Force method by some software by jumping the process of Captcha confirmation. Try changing the passwords monthly once. So always use a password with the combination of:
   Lower and Upper-case letters, numbers and symbols which can be quite difficult to hack or guess them.
Like:         Or@c!3s0#T

ii. Never share these passwords, or never use these password in such site where you never believe them. Or try using multiple passwords for different sites.

iii. Use the security question such that they are not easy to be guessed, you know some guys who use silly language at their answers never get hacked at this method. Try using them or even very complicated answers.

iv. Use phone number recovery service so that Security question, if you are using alternative email to recover, won't get into effect.

v. Always use an Alternative email, if you own a domain try using the email provided by the email provider where they take good security steps to secure users account.

vi. Never share the email where you have all the products in effect of Google, try using an alternate email (For contact purpose, Advertisements, other services).

vii. Use the best service of protection of Google called 2-Step Verification, this is one of the best ever security step by Google. There are no ways discovered by anyone till now to bypass the verification. So always use it and trust it.

ix. Generate a password for the apps and other site authorized. This helps when you  a non-Google websites and applications allow to access your account and sync with your data. Google doesn't review or endorse any third-party websites, so make sure you trust the website and understand what you’re sharing before approving.

x. Never use the software, patches that are not at all by the trusted supplier cause they may be a worm which sends all the data stored by the browser like the CCs, emails with passwords, caches, cookies, etc. which carry infos.

SO that it, use all these services mentioned above that can really really get your account one of the most secured.
Hope you enjoyed the techniques and made them a bit useful to you.