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Make your blog go viral in Twitter using JustRetweet [Review + Giveaway]!

Social media publishing and earning from it has gone viral with any blog. But without a minimum number of followers or fans this is impossible. Once you get the number of fans they need to be responsive to make this possible. Well if they are not so in twitter, then JustRetweet can help you. We all know what the retweet option is, with the help of this even the followers of those who retweet can see the tweets and thus can bring visitors to your site even from those followers. Lets know a little about JustRetweet in brief.

JustRetweet is a credit based Twitter sharing and Twitter following service. It is the retweet sharing site that are used by social media savvy, influential bloggers who support businesses and collaborate with others. With just some options saved at JustRetweet; they do all the work that you need from your blog or website, like getting more retweets, traffic or even followers.

You can use this service by joining to the for free just by authorizing the connection to your Twitter account. You also get 100 trail credits just for joining, to try the service and notice the profits from the site. The registered users can earn the additional credits by sharing each others content and following each other on Twitter, like the way Twiends works. Once you authorize your Twiiter account to use this service, you can submit your content and offer credits to other users who retweet you or become your follower. This option, in easier words, can assign a value of credits to be offered to the users who does these retweets and follows. The more you assign, the better you get the number of retweets and followers.

Why use JustRetweet over others?

JustRetweet has been beneficial to many famous bloggers including Justin Germino from DragonBlogger, Dan Keller from TycoonBlogger, Gail Gardner from Growmap and many others by providing their service to spread their messages on Twitter and receive more traffic to their blog. Check the complete list of blogs that have been satisfied by this service from here.

Key Benefits of using JustRetweet:
  • Easy setup with free access
  • Users who are active will get much advantages by getting more followers
  • Human moderation for spam detection and to limit it completely
  • Build relation with other bloggers by sharing the content by them
  • Help your blog get better social exposure by getting retweets from real bloggers.
How to Request retweets in JustRetweet?

  1. Signin at using Twitter
  2. Click Submit Tweets from the menu
  3. Type in the Tweet. (Make sure the content does not include your username, will be added automatically)
  4. Select the number of credits you'll be offering for users to promote your tweet.
  5. Select how many times you want your tweet to be promoted
  6. Pick an appropriate category for your tweet. This will help only the concered people, related your selection, to retweet your Tweets!
How JustRetweet Works?

JustRetweet works just like the way that Twiends does. You just need to signin with your Twitter account at JustRetweet, then you get 100 credits free. Now you just need to follow others, liking, give out +1s from retweets or even Retweet other's tweet to earn credits. Use these credits to assign some task for your benefits. The more you've got the credits, the more you can get the followers, the number of retweets and others.

JustRetweet Credits Giveaway

Now in order to make you get the credits easier, we are hosting a giveaway of 24000 credits directly to your account and sponsored by the official owner of the JustRetweet Site. The 24k credits will be divided among 5 winners(of the giveaway) like this:

1 x 1st Winner: 10000 credits
2 x 2nd Winner: 5000 credits
2 x 3rd Winner: 2000 credits.

How to enter?
Just enter using the below Giveaway Box and follow each and every instructions given in it. Please do follow each step in order be the winner cause the points you earn are counted directly by the admin, only if they are perfectly followed you'll get the concerned points. So follow them as directed.

This is our second giveaway. Post your entries now!

Giveaway ends on 2nd June and the winners will be announced on 4th June. All the best.

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PageRank 9 and PageRank 8 blogs to comment. Five each!

Pagerank's being updated very soon. You need your blog listed in many good blogs that have high reputation. Getting listed is not an easy job. But with the blogs that are 'dofollow', you can get great number of baclinks back to your site. Using this method wisely can fetch your blog a good rank from the upcoming update. Still have doubts when this update is, check here. You can get the good rank if you comment on all these site, but not by spamming. All the blogs listed here are tested for their PR ranking at the time this post is written, and at In some site, there might not be a option to comment with your website URL, just use a HTML code. Beware of Google's Penalty. Don't worry, the website holders(given below) don't remove or mark your content spam, if you comment relating to the blog post. Here's the list.

PageRank 9:




Fema Gov

I was able to find only so much. Make sure your site is listed in Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, Youtube and Amazon. All these are PageRank 9 sites.

PageRank 8:

Fema Blog

Cnn Blog

Fco Gov

Recovery Gov

Elegantthemes Blog

There are many other blogs, apart from these. But I don't want to spam them. Hope you'll like them.

For those who share this post, I'll provide a PR 10 link, blog to comment. Working and even got a backlink to one of my blog. Once you share this post, either in FB or Twitter, pm on facebook or add me as your friend. CLICK HERE.
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Blacklogic VPN review

Established on October 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Blacklogic is a VPN service mainly based in the country, Canada. Since this five years the Blacklogic Inc. are providing VPN and IT security consulting service by managing over 350 servers around the world and are trying to do the best to satisfy the deader customers. Keeping the private information safe, the blacklogic 'team of experts' spends all of their time in working to make their VPN service the best. Blacklogic provides a best VPN service, where the VPN's servers are based in Canada, USA, UK and other European Countries. These servers are 100% uptime supporting a high speed connection. This helps in using Skype and VoIP from anywhere and over a majority of firewalls. Blacklogic provides encrypted VPN tunnels, thus providing best security shield with a 128-2048 bit traffic encryption. It is a most secured protection that do not records any logs. Blacklogic supports almost all kind of VPN technologies that are available today. They also provide their VPN service compatible for Apple (Mac), Windows, Android and Linux. Apart from all these they also have created VPN routers which are offered at $100 per year. The routers are shipped for free!

Why Blacklogic VPN service?

There are more than 100 VPN providers out there and why choose only blacklogic. Well the answer to this can be understood by knowing some of the features of the five years-since VPN provider, Blacklogic, that are elaborated down here.

Blacklogic servers: Blaclogic provides one of the best servers with 100% uptime results, unlimited bandwidth and mainly based in Canada. This doesn't stop till here, but the Blacklogic has also included the servers based in other countries also which include US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russian Federation and Czech Republic. The number of servers only for Canada is 62, while that of UK 10, US - 8, Netherlands - 3 and all others with one. These servers allow the use of many famous sites, that the access to it is blocked, like HULU, BBC, iTunes, etc. Each and every server are not sold separately, all servers are included in one when purchased. Get more details here.

Blacklogic Plans and Pricing: Blacklogic starts its VPN service with a price of $8 and lasting till your proposal. The payment to this are made using a highly secured payment gateways which includes all major options of payment - Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and Western Union. Blacklogic provides what others do not, they offer an easy, fast and highly secured VPN just for your Poker gaming. Below are some packs that they provide. Check the complete list here.

Blacklogic Compatibility: As informed above, Blacklogic supports almost all kind of VPN technologies available today. The one they use are SSTP, PPTP and IPSec/L2TP. OpenVPN is supported only for those who do not have access to above technologies, and can get them by contacting the Blacklogic Support Team. Blacklogic Inc has also made it possible to use its VPN service even in Android and Apple (iOS). They are also compatible with windows and Linux. In addition to it are the DD-WRT routers, compatible with all them.

Blacklogic's comparison over other VPNs:  Blacklogic provides a solid service with number of options compared to other companies. This company also offers SSTP encryption, an easy and nice feature that Windows 7 supports and for those who doesn't want to use OpenVPN instead. The manual setup might be inconvenient for some users for those who use a program that automatically completes the setup in few clicks.

Blacklogic's refund policy: Blacklogic does take care of its own reputation. They don't want to make mess with their customers. Due to this reason, they've made their refund policy airing with their service. But are accepted only with legit and proof-sure refund request and made within 7 days of purchase or transaction. But they neglect some P2P (peer to peer) programs. Check the complete details here.

Apart from all these they provide 24x7 customer service at many different service, like the easy chat, facebook, twitter, Google+, skype, 'contact us' and their blog. Read the Privacy policy here for more details and their policies. Follow Blacklogic in Facebook, Twitter and feeds. They've provided setup instruction for each and every OS platform, check the amazing setup guide from this link. Also DD-WRT setup instructions included. Contact the team if more information be required.

Review Conclusion

It was my pleasure to review such a wonderful VPN provider, Blacklogic. They offer wide range of servers mainly based in Canada with worth-paying plans and pricing. This service has been made compatible in most of the VPN technologies and OS platforms. Comparatively they are better than other services. Try the VPN service by Blacklogic now!

Blacklogic VPN Reviewed by Murali Mohan on . After all this test, I would strongly recommend one to use Blacklogic VPN mainly for Canadians and give 4.5 stars out of 5. Blacklogic is a VPN service mainly based in the Canada. Since five years the Blacklogic Inc. are providing VPN and IT security consulting service by managing over 350 servers around the world. Rating: 4.5
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How to record your action in desktop screen?

Watching many tutorials to do anything out of your windows computer in youtube, we always wonder how they record those actions. The way they just easily record it and upload them instantly on youtube to help the viewers is damn easy. Do they use their webcams or any other camcorders? Nope, they don't. They just use some software created by companies like camstudio or Ezvid. These recorders help you to create how-to videos in order help others to learn how to use a program or even show them a gameplay. Other than showing tutorials in images, it might be easy to show the tutorials by complete video. This helps the lazy bones to not to read the entire post, but keep up with it just by watching the video. In this post I'll use River Past Screen Recorder and show you how to record your actions. This is easy to use and has less-complex options.  Download River Past Screen Recorder free trial from here.

-Once you've downloaded and installed the software just follow these steps.

-If you have all audio devices, then load and test the codec of audio, this helps to record the voice as the "background music". Once this is successfully done you also need to load the video codec, to enable the HD recording and other options.

-Once this is done, check minimize when recording.

-Now below the above option, click on 'Record From' and some options drop down. There choose the type your actions to be recorder. Whole screen or only cursor-movement part. Then the speed part. Choose the best one which suits to your conditions.

-If more option be required then edit the video and audio settings. Now the hot keys part. This part is plays major role. If the recorder need not to record the recorder itself then use these.

-With these, remembering, you can start and stop the record of video. Or you can use the record button to record. If the option minimise while recording option is checked, then in task bar's notification behavior part you can see the software blinking. Right click on it with your mouse and then choose your option either to stop or pause.

Thats it. It's simple.

Top five Screen Recorders for windows with download links (trial links), updated 2013.

1. CamStudio: The software has included many options to tweak and play with it to record the thing you want. This software, like River Past's does have less option that deal the entire functions. This software also saves the files AVI. This one also has options to choose the number of frames per second; like 30FPS for a smooth video.

2. Rylist Screen Recorder: This software just like other screen recorders records the screen and helps you save it in multiple file type(video). Has wide range of options. But has disadvantage of not recording the audio using any installed microphones. As the option is used.

3. Ezvid: A free recorder that is both video and audio recorder and editor. This provides awesome option to  record  the game-play and other actions. Also has an slideshow maker for your images. But sad part of it is we can't export this video into a file lest can be uploaded directly to your youtube account.

4. River Past Screen Recorder: Most likely the alternative of camstudio recorder. Has almost the options that CamStudio has. Other option of this is already said above.

5. DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder: This software has simple 9 icons each of user interface options. Out of which the first four are for capturing and other four for handling recording. The last one, pops up the options for recording. Try this, good one it is.
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incloak VPN service review

Incloak VPN got it's name from short form "invisible cloak". Where invisible is shortened to 'in'. The word itself explains the meaning to their service, VPN. incloak is re-branded from it's original Russian site, popular in fact. The incloak, after rebranding itself from, sure got many online privacy tools update along with new touch ups for their server list for both VPN and web proxies by adding new countries to it. incloak VPN servers it service with wide range of applications protocols. They've also made it possible to use the service at many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux , iOS and others, while they also included routers. The service use 2048-bit encryption and thus the maximum protection from their strong security system. Unlocks many sites that are restricted at many countries.

Other services what they offer.

Apart from VPN the incloak company offers these:

i. WebProxy: Offering both paid and unpaid types, incloak also offers webproxy service directly from the homepage with access to all major sites from many servers(included only for premium users, non-premium they get from US).

ii. Proxy lists: With over 3000+ working proxies, incloak offers these web proxies for free to public. Apart from public they also offer two other proxy type with private and paid. Each proxy is tested at regular time and only then the list is updated. This is supported to all protocols, http, https, socks 4 and 5.

iii. Proxy Checker: Has unique features of checking of high speed that checks 64 threads, i.e 500 proxies in 3 minutes with smart detection technology of algorithms. The checker also checks for wide range of settings like ping, connection speed, city, country, proxy type and degree of anonymity.

iv. Port Scanner: This port is similar to what the other port scanners do. They just show which port is open on the entire connection and the resulted port is the one used to ping with. If so, no port is open, then the option of ping is disabled.

v. Speed Test: Unlike any other VPN providers, incloak offers the service of "speed test" based on flash. This helps one to know the upload and download speed of the internet connection.

vi. IP Checker: There are tons of sites helping to know the ip address and this site includes in the "tons'.

incloak also has some toolbars that has many option included in it like the anonymizer, IP display, authorization and news. Get the toolbar, only for firefox, from here.

More about incloak VPN

Working since 6 years, proved by their experience, incloak and provides the best internet shield of  protection by serving its user with highly secure VPN - virtual private network. Some feature of this VPN are:

incloak Servers: incloak provides servers based-in many countries. There are around 29 countries, you can suggest them one, with over 44 cities and 120+ different IPs. Check this(image) to get the complete list of countries provided. The list includes great countires US, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Latvia, etc. They are planning to add Japan and Estonia, apart from the available countries. These servers give access to many blocked sites like hulu, bbc,, etc.

incloak vpn's advantage over webproxy:

incloak VPN plans and pricing: The pricing to this VPN service starts from $0.95 as one day plan and till your quote on long-term packs. Apart from paid VPN, incloak also offers free trial for 24 hours. Try the free demo now! How to get it? Check the video below. There are regular discount as per the season. Discount from promo codes are also accepted. The payment processors they accept are Paypal (including Visa/Master Card), Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Bank wire, SMS payment and money transfer. Check the complete details on plans and pricing here. With money back within 7 days for dissatisfaction.

incloak compatibility: incloak VPN supports various platforms; windows, mac, iOS, linux, Android etc. They also support many technologies used for VPN like PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP with easy setup formalities.

Apart from all these, incloak accepts Affilate Program. Join now and earn commissions.

Review Conclusion
It was nice time testing this VPN service. They offer wide range of service tools apart from VPN. Got the great list of server countries. Great advantages over web proxies. The price and plans. They are worth a value to be purchased. Making the service easy to use with their selected technologies and platforms. They also give free trial for 24 hours. Try this VPN service now.

Follow incloak in Twitter. incloak is also in Facebook. Like it.

incloak VPN Reviewed by Murali Mohan on . After all this test, I would strongly recommend one to use incloak VPN and give 4.5 stars out of 5. incloak is re-branded from it's original Russian site, popular in fact. incloak VPN servers it service with wide range of applications protocols. They've also made it possible to use the service at many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc Rating: 4.5

Video tutorial: How to get free 24 hours trial from incloak VPN and setup OpenVPN on winows?
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