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How to avoid getting banned by Google adsense

To avoid getting banned by adsense never do the tricks given below I've even explained why not to do that
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1 Clicking your own Ads

This is the most dumbest method and is mainly used by  noobs who don’t understand web technology and the internet . These fraud clicks may range from few clicks to even hundreds of clicks, just to make money faster. But the end result is no mystery.

2 Click through rate manipulation

Click Through Rate(CTR) of a page is usually considered to be 7% or less on an average.If there are more fraud clicks on your site, resulting in CTR of more than 10%, will surely raise Google’s flag. So some people try to adjust the click through rate by displaying the ads in junk low keyword density pages generating high traffic visits onto those pages. This then lowers the CTR below 10% and they even use the low CPC ads on those junk pages.

3 Fool the Visitors

When the site Admin puts the ads on the section of  ‘Sponsors’ or any other boxes with weird messages like ‘Support Us’ or ‘Click Here’, will raise flags to Google about these high clicked and low  value Ads and get their Account Banned soon enough.Only box title’s mentioned in the Google Adsense TOS policy can be used. So let your Ads look like Ads and don’t try to fool the visitors.

4 No Content , Only Ads in Page

If you insert all Adsense codes on a single page without content, then the user has no choice but to click on the Ads expecting to see some results or information that he came for, but this will lead to more Ad clicks which are closed instantly after the user discovers it as an Ad.So the Google has to protect its Advertisers and provide the value for what they are paying to Google.So google has no other choice but to terminate your account.

5 Ask Friends Or Family to Click your Ads

Here is another trick that’s used by noobs.  The Blogger might ask his friends living far off or abroad to click through his ads. But Google has enough Data from search engines or your profile across the internet to know how the clicks are generated and how that IP is related to your Address and find out if you have any friends or family in that place.So stop asking your relatives or friends to click your ads just because they live in far places.Multiple clicks from that friends IP location will get your Adsense account Banned.

6 The Popular Click Ring Network Cheat

The bloggers organize ring networks using the forums and social networking sites and plan the fraud clicks ,among their mutual website ads and click through each others ads.Once google finds out about this trick, you are sure to get banned from the program.

7 Proxy to Click Ads

Another popular trick among the publishers, for which they use proxy websites like the tor “onion routers” or any other anonymizer to click on their ads on their website.This trick is well known and might land your adsense account into big trouble.

8 Paid Ad Click Cheat

Paid Click Cheaters are often available for around $50 and mainly are people employed from developing countries like China,Phillipines,India or Pakistan. This lets the owner of the site to earn some money until his account gets banned from Google Adsense.

9 Automated Software ClickBots for Advertisements

The ClickBots are smart programs written in order to generate good CTR by browsing multiple pages on the site and then clicking on the ads, and stay for a few minutes to avoid suspicion. Some ClickBots even change their IP address , so that the Ads appear Genuine to Google.

10 Multiple Computers Click Fraud

This user Doesn’t have much knowledge about IP address or internet technology for that instance.The person tries to click on the ads from multiple computers from home ,Internet Centers, or any other internet spots.
Disclaimer: These methods mentioned here are solely to warn you about the consequences of your account getting banned if you try any of these methods listed here.And i do not recommend you to try any of these unethical tricks and even i don’t use these tricks myself. So this post is mainly to help you be aware of the reasons for Google adsense accounts getting banned and help you to prevent your account from getting banned …CHEERS..!!
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How to fix tsunami vpn errors

have you ever faced the problem like the given image below

here's way to fix tat simple error what you need to do is that just add 'https://'       instead of    'http://'

for example           instead of

this not only happens for adsense but also for infolinks and other website.
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how to search google for RAPIDSHARE links

If you wanna find some apps, files etc on via google, do the following.

Paste this into the google search window (not the adress bar): -filetype:zip OR rar daterange:2453402-2453412

* this searches the site for any file that is rar or zip, and
has been indexed between 1-11 February.

dvd -filetype:zip OR rar daterange:2453402-2453412

* this is the same search but it specifically searches for "dvd" with the same
search criteria, so any app posted with the word dvd in it will be found.

There are mainly three criteria to keep in mind when doing this search.

1. site: your site of choice to search

2. filetype: filetypes you wanna search,if you put a "OR" after the first
filetype you can add more.

3. daterange: (start date-enddate)

* this uses the "julian calendar", converter can be found here:

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How to Block Adserver from webpages

if you wanna remove those nasty ads from the pages which waste lot of time and bandwidth then here is something for you I belive it will help you a lot

how it works
It's possible to set up a name server as authoritative for any domain you choose, allowing you to specify the DNS records for that domain. You can also configure most computers to be sort of mini-nameservers for themselves, so that they check their own DNS records before asking a nameserver. Either way, you get to say what hostname points to what IP address. If you haven't guessed already, the way you block ads it to provide bogus information about the domains we don't want to see - ie, all those servers out there that dedicate their existence to spewing out banner ads.

The hosts file

Probably the most common way people block ads like this is with something called the "hosts file". The hosts file is a simple list of hostnames and their corresponding IP addresses, which your computer looks at every time you try and contact a previously unknown hostname. If it finds an entry for the computer you're trying to reach, it sets the IP address for that computer to be whatever's in the hosts file. is a special IP address which, to a computer, always means that computer. Any time a machine sends a network request to, it is talking to itself. This is very useful when it comes to blocking ads, because all we have to do is specify the IP address of any ad server to be And to do that, all we have to do is edit the hosts file. What will happen then is something like this:

  1. you visit a web page
  2. the web page contains a banner ad stored on the server ""
  3. your computer says " never heard of it. wait a second, let's see if I've got the number on me..."
  4. your computer finds its hosts file and checks to see if is listed
  5. it finds the hostname, which points to
  6. "great", says the computer, and sends off a request to for the banner ad that's supposed to be on the page
  7. "oh", says the computer, and fails to show anything because it just sent a request to itself for a banner ad

  Where's my hosts file?

    * Windows 95 / 98 / ME: C:\Windows (I think)
    * Windows NT: C:\WinNT\hosts
    * Windows 2000: C:\WinNT\system32\drivers\etc\
    * Windows XP: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    * FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OS X / Unixish operating systems: /etc/hosts
    * Classic Mac OS: please read this helpful information submitted by David "iNerd" B
    * Mac OS 9: Marcia Skidmore sent in details that hopefully explain what you need to know

The format of the hosts file is very simple - IP address, whitespace, then a list of hostnames (except for older Macs; please see above). However, you don't need to know anything about the format if you don't want to as you can just view the list hosts file.

Of course, that's not the only way to use the list, but it's probably the most simple for most people.

here is the hosts list which are serving you the ads just append it to your hosts file and enjoy ad free surfing makes things faster. if you want ad from certain site then just remove it from the list below.

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Step by step Procedure for BIOS Update

All latest Motherboards today, 486/ Pentium / Pentium Pro etc.,ensure that upgrades are easily obtained by incorporating the system BIOS in a FLASH Memory component. With FLASH BIOS, there is no need to replace an EPROM component. Once downloaded, the upgrade utility fits on a floppy disc allowing the user to save, verify and update the system BIOS. A hard drive or a network drive can also be used to run the newer upgrade utilities. However, memory managers can not be installed while upgrading.

Most pre-Pentium motherboards do not have a Flash BIOS. The following instructions therefore do not apply to these boards. If your motherboard does not have a Flash BIOS (EEPROM) you will need to use an EPROM programmer to re-program the BIOS chip. See your dealer for more information about this.

Please read the following instructions in full before starting a Flash BIOS upgrade:
A. Create a Bootable Floppy (in DOS)

•With a non-formatted disk, type the following:

format a:/s

•If using a formatted disk, type:

sys a:

This procedure will ensure a clean boot when you are flashing the new BIOS.

B. Download the BIOS file

•Download the correct BIOS file by clicking on the file name of the BIOS file you wish to download.

•Save the BIOS file and the Flash Utility file in the boot disk you have created. Unzip the BIOS file and the flash utility file. If you don't have an "unzip" utility, download the WinZip for Windows 95 shareware/ evaluation copy for that one time use from or Most CD ROMs found in computer magazines, have a shareware version of WinZip on them.

•You should have extracted two files:

Flash BIOS utility eg: flash7265.exe (for example)

BIOS eg: 6152J900.bin (example)

Use the latest flash utility available unless otherwise specified (either on the BIOS update page or in the archive file). This information is usually provided.

C. Upgrade the System BIOS

During boot up, write down the old BIOS version because you will need to use it for the BIOS backup file name.

Place the bootable floppy disk containing the BIOS file and the Flash Utility in drive a, and reboot the system in MS-DOS, preferably Version 6.22

•At the A:> prompt, type the corresponding Flash BIOS utility and the BIOS file with its extension.

For example:

flash625 615j900.bin

•From the Flash Memory Writer menu, select "Y" to "Do you want to save BIOS?" if you want to save (back up) your current BIOS (strongly recommended), then type the name of your current BIOS and its extension after FILE NAME TO SAVE: eg: a:\613J900.bin

Alternatively select "N" if you don't want to save your current BIOS. Beware, though, that you won't be able to recover from a possible failure.

•Select "Y" to "Are you sure to program?"

•Wait until it displays "Message: Power Off or Reset the system"

Once the BIOS has been successfully loaded, remove the floppy disk and reboot the system. If you write to BIOS but cannot complete the procedure, do not switch off, because the computer will not be able to boo, and you will not be given another chance to flash. In this case leave your system on until you resolve the problem (flashing BIOS with old file is a possible solution, provided you've made a backup before)

Make sure the new BIOS version has been loaded properly by taking note of the BIOS identifier as the system is rebooting.

Once the BIOS has been successfully loaded, remove the floppy disk and reboot the system holding the "END" key prior to power on until you enter CMOS setup. If you do not do this the first time booting up after upgrading the BIOS, the system will hang.

BIOS Update Tips
1.Make sure never to turn off or reset your computer during the flash process. This will corrupt the BIOS data. We also recommend that you make a copy of your current BIOS on the bootable floppy so you can reflash it if you need to. (This option is not available when flashing an AMI BIOS).

2. If you have problems installing your new BIOS please check the following:

Have you done a clean boot?
In other words, did you follow the above procedure for making a bootable floppy? This ensures that when booting from "A" there are no device drivers on the diskette. Failing to do a clean boot is the most common cause for getting a "Memory Insufficient" error message when attempting to flash a BIOS.

If you have not used a bootable floppy, insure a clean boot either by

a) pressing F5 during bootup

b) by removing all device drivers on the CONFIG.SYS including the HIMEM.SYS. Do this by using the EDIT command.

Have you booted up under DOS?
Booting in Windows is another common cause for getting a "Memory Insufficient" error message when attempting to flash a BIOS. Make sure to boot up to DOS with a minimum set of drivers. Important: Booting in DOS does not mean selecting "Restart computer in MS-DOS Mode" from Windows98/95 shutdown menu or going to Prompt mode in WindowsNT, but rather following the above procedure (format a: /s and rebooting from a:\).

Have you entered the full file name of the flash utility and the BIOS plus its extension?
Do not forget that often you will need to add a drive letter (a:\) before flashing the BIOS. Example: when asked for file name of new BIOS file which is on your floppy disk, in case you're working from c:\ your will need to type a:\615j900.bin, rather than 615j900.bin only.
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Auto clicker for almost all PTC sites

hey guys this is the bot (auto clicker) for almost all PTC sites this is actually a multiclicker which can click links in  more than 40 sites this software includes all the sites' auto clicker given below
click here to download
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How to use Multiclicker

Step1: after you open multiclicker click on add 

step2: select any site you want (just click on the site)

step3: click on login details and fill in your username and password

step4: click on connection and choose any browser you want to be visible to the PTC site

step5: click ok+start and the bot will start clicking links (ADS) in the website
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List of websites with google pagerank 10

August 4th 2011 is the day when Backlink and PageRank got updated.Google usually adopts a strategy of updating their Page Rank either quarterly or once in two months. This time Google has taken only one month for updating the Page Rank. The previous Page Rank updation was on July 19th 2011.

A PageRank 10 site has the top most importance according to Google's system and every webmaster struggle to get the traffic related with this ranking. Searchenginegenie strive to offer you the most updated information on PageRank sites, we monitor all the changes done by Google on regular basis. The below listed Pagerank 10 list has been compiled as on August 4th 2011, which is just after 1 day from the pagerank update going live.
We have a page very similar to this list. Its a list of Google Tool Bar PageRank Update compiled and sorted out using in built algorithm whenever there is a Google Tool Bar PageRank Update. Our Google Tool Bar PageRank Update List (TBPR) gives you clear picture of how well we monitor Tool Bar PageRank Update.

GBLs (Google's Fake representation)
YBLs (Yahoo's Fake representation)
US Goverment website
Adobe - Adobe Reader Download
United States Department of Health and Human Services
Social Bookmarking Sharing Button Widget
EUA - European University Association
Universitas 21
University of California
Government Of India
United States Cable News Network
Piwik - Web analytics - Open source

Following Site was downgraded to Page Rank 9 from PR 10 in the latest backlink update,

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