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Avid liquid 7.2 licence key

Hi guys, in this post I am going to give away the licence/activation  key of the Avid Liquid version 7.2 for free.
I know this software is very expensive but recently my father bought this one from a friend along with which he even gave the CD key to this software. Here I have shared the cd key right below the image. Just use it while installing and before using the software please register it.


Download from here

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Secret mobile codes

Hi guys, now I am posting some secret codes for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. I have even told the function what that code does.

Secret Codes for Nokia

*#06#    for checking the IMEI

*#7780#    reset factory settings

*#0000#   To view the version of the software.

*#2820#    Bluetooth device address

Secret codes for Sony Ericsson

-> * <- <- * <- *    Secret menu

*#06#         IMEI Number

<- * * <-      Lockstatus

(Hint: <- menus joystick to left and -> means joystick to right)

Secret codes for Motorola

*#06#    IMEI number

[] [] [] 0 0 4 [] 1 []  Change pin

[] [] [] 1 1 9 [] 1 []  Enable EFR

[] [] [] # # # [] 1 []  Function :

[] means the * key held in until box appeared
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Format Your Nokia Mobile Phone

If you encounter situations like the following problems at your Nokia phone:

i. Blank screen unable to reboot.

ii. Phone only able to boot-up to the "Nokia" word screen.

iii. Install some program but not able to uninstall it after that.

iv. Error messages such as "Child Installer" keeps popping-up.

You must fully format your Nokia phone.

To format the phone do these:

i. Make sure you have at least 3/4 of battery power left.

ii. Back up all the contacts and personal files to your Memory Card.

iii. Switch-off your phone after doing the above things.

iv. Now press and hold the 3 keys i.e. Green dial key, * (star key) and no. 3 key.

v. By pressing the keys down try to press power on/off key to turn on the phone.

 The phone formats itself and have a new kinda phone.
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FIFA 08 free save files

                                                                                                                                                                    click here to download the file
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prince of persia: Two thrones free save files

Hi dear readers, as every one knows it is very difficult to complete this game, but I have completed it thrice in all the three difficulties, I have now decided to share the save files with all the readers of my blog for free. And I think every one are eager to know how the ending would be, I mean to fight with the Dark Prince as it is a great myth since everyone says until and unless we get all the life upgrades in this game we cannot fight the Dark Prince at the end. But this save files even consists that part which is the last save of the game which almost makes your mind very hypnotized since this level actually got many kind of illusions. But don't worry it is easy as well. Oh i forgot about the link to share sorry, the link can be found right below the image of that game. If the link is expired at any time please inform me, I will update it. Since all the Bloggers, readers, etc who want to download some files through the internet, they prefer on the best file hosting site, so i have decided and have chosen, a World's leading hosting site which enables the user to download file without any restriction like the others do. Just click the link below and download the files. ENJOY!

Sorry Guys i forgot to say the steps to add the profiles, so just do this.

i. After you download extract the files any where in your hard disk

ii. Now copy the file contained  in the folder

iii. Paste them in this directory 'C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Prince of Persia T2T\POP3Profiles' Make sure that you have installed the game in this directory before adding them.

iv. Now open the game and click on the profile f10f1111, then Enjoy the completed game.

Click here to download

Click here to know where all the Life upgrades are present in this game as a Walk through.
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How to add the patch for Angry birds space.

Hi guys I am writing this post after my very recent post Free Angry Birds Space patch + activation key download, as I have mentioned in that post that I will give the steps on how to insert the patch file and add the activation key to it, I am doing this. To insert them please follow the steps given below:

i. After you download the file open the file named 'Patch.exe'

ii. Now click on the button patch in the program and navigate to the file named 'AngryBirdsSpace.exe' in the directory 'C:\Program Files\Rovio\Angry Birds Space' if you use C as your default or any other which is your default driver to install new programs.

iii. After you click open, the program says that the patch was successful.

iv. Now open the file AngryBirdsSpace.exe either from your Desktop or from the directory to where you have installed it.

v. After you open now click on the link Activate the Game and add the activation code included with the file where you have downloaded before.

Have any doubts in any step please leave a comment here we will help you at it.
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Free angry birds space patch + activation key

Hi guys recently the Rovio team released the Angry Birds Game for PC as well but as everyone knows it got only 15 levels in it, to unlock all the 210 levels we need to activate it by purchasing a licence from the Rovio team. Before purchasing I request you to try this cool patch and a activation code which unlocks the whole 210 levels without a single penny paid to them. But to the steps on how to patch the new activation code is not included in this post, it is in other post. Link to it, is given below. Below are the images of the Patch included in this uploaded file.

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This file actually contains :

* Activations Key.txt where the Key is stored

* The patch file

Click here to download

Click here to go to the post where I have given the instructions to patch the game for full version.
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Free Transbar for both windows 7 and windows XP

Well this program lets you make the taskbar in both the windows XP and windows 7 (don't know about the Windows Vista) invisible like shown in the image give below. But this software is free and you can download from the link below.

Click here to download 
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