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Activate Free Cricket Alert On Airtel

Hi friends,After my previous post Airtel msg hack 2011,Today Iam going to share with you How you can get free Cricket Alert On Airtel.As you all know that airtel charges us for any service.Because most of the services from airtel are paid.But with this trick weget free cricket alert from airtel.So lets stats the trick:

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  • You just have to do is  SUB FREE and send it to 54321
  • Now you recieve a message that you cricket alert pack has been activate(But it depends upon your city)
  • After any message switch off your mobile for 1 or 2 minutes and switch it on 
  • Shortly you recieve cricket alerts.If there is any match played in the world

Please post your comments and appreciate our works.Thanx

This Post has been Written by Sunil Thakur

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Features and specification of UBISLATE7+

Recently after the UBISLATE 7 was released, the Datawind Team launched the new and upgraded version of  UBISLATE 7 which they named it as UBISLATE 7 +  which has more upgraded features than the older one, in this they also offer internet access at Rs.98 with the validity of one month anywhere and anytime (only in India) only with cellular connection and other features and specification are given below. You can also order it by click the link given below.


Anytime & Anywhere Internet access with Cellular connectivity for only Rs. 98/- per month  (in India                                only)

Connect via GPRS or WiFi

GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows Internet access everywhere

WiFi: Allows fast Youtube videos at hotspots

Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind's patented acceleration                                                                technology

Web, Email, Facebook and much much more!

High Quallity Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback

Games, Full Office suite, Educational software, Over 150,000 apps!

Expandable memory to 32GB

Use any ordinary pen-drive
Even plug-in a 3G dongle

And it's a Phone to make/receive voice calls

Android OS 2.3

Cortex A8, 700 Mhz Processor with HD Video Co Processor

256 MB RAM

Storage: (Internal) 2GB Flash / (External) 2GB to 32GB Supported

Peripherals: 2 Standard USB Ports (Ver. 2.0)

Audio Out: 3.5mm jack

Display and Resolution: 7" Display with 800x480 pixels

Supported Document Formats: All Version Office Document formats and many more

High Quality Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback

Input Devices: Resistive Touch Screen

Connectivity with GPRS & WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g

Battery: Upto 180 minutes of battery, AC adaptor 200.240 volt

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Get unlimited bandwidth from your host for free

NOTE: This applies only to specific hosting companies, due to the
specific setup needed and does have its drawbacks.

While setting up hosting space with a specific company I often deal
with, I noticed that they used a shared IP. (IP shared by two or more
websites/domains.) Well, the rates for unlimited bandwidth were
around $50+ per month, which I found unreasonable. I didnt require
much space, and didnt want to be limited to a mere 3 gig of traffic
per month.

Back on track... When setting up the acct, the hosting company needs
to know the domain name so that they can direct it accordingly.
(example: 'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user1/ ,
'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user2/ etc)

At this point you can give a url that doesnt belong to you at all. As
long as the nameservers dont change, that should have absolutly no
negative effects on you or your site whatsoever.

How it works is this:
The host propogates you a certain amount space on its servers, and
monitors the traffic that enters their space through the domain its
registered under. Being that the domain isn't connected to the site
at all, it registers ZERO traffic.

Zero traffic registered = can't possibly go over bandwidth
can't possibly go over bandwidth restrictions = free unlimited

Now the problems with this (besides the ethical ones) is that your
host may offer X amount of mail addys with the acct
(you@y...) and these will not work, as the name isnt on their
DNS. However, some domain companies allow you to set it up
regardless. Another problem seems to be strictly cosmetic, but can be
highly problematic... Once you attach the domain you want onto the
site, each page comes up/w the ip/UN the host propagated to your
acct. Its at this point where you have to have a phenominal 10-15
character alphanumerical or better (#, &, etc) pw, or your site will
be vulnerable to attack since the attacker already has your UN. This
only gives attackers a slight advantage as the amount of time it
would take to brute force a 10 character pw @ a rate of 1,000,000 per
second is 10 years. Add numbers and case sensitivity to that and it
becomes approx 26,980 years.

While I'm on it, I may as well add that if you use this method,
obviously you are going to be using the lowest cost hosting plan
available, which in turn will offer the least amount of space. Thats
why free hosts were invented.

Free hosts suck as a general rule. Who wants a site smothered in ads?
However, if you upload all your programs, graphics and other large
files (have a backup of course) to a reliable free host and target
them accordingly from your site you have just freed up a signifigant
amount of space. The only setback/w this is having to keep an index
card or file around/w your pws, as you should never use the same one
twice, and want to use complicated ones.
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Converting Movies To Psp Format.

Hey again, this is a real quick guide for anyone interested to get a movie onto there PSP without all the fluff i have seen elsewhere. I just watched Africa the Serengeti on my PSP and heres is the lowdown.

Movie - approx 40 minutes - dvd
Saved to hard drive - 2.6GIG - using DVD Decryptor (free program) try google
Transfered to avi format - 377MB- using Super DVD Ripper (9 FREE trial uses) then you must buy
Transfered to MP4 - 37MB - using the (basically free) Image convertor 2

Average movie breakdown - using above as a guide only.
so im guessing the average movie may be 4.5gig for example
saved to 800MB

Ok use DVD decryptor to save the movie to your hard drive eg. C:\africa (it will save it for you as described)
When completed find the folder c:\africa on your computer and find the vob file in that folder - generally the largest one and right click and play it with your dvd program to see what part it is. If its the correct movie part you now know thats the one you need.

Once you have located the vob file you want to transfer open DVD Ripper and go to wizard icon. There you will see an icon of VOB to AVI button. Click it and then it will ask to locate the file. Locate the file and click it. It will SCAN THE FILE(just wait till that finishes) a parameter box opens next and just click the arrow. It then askes to choose output file, click the file icon and locate the correct fob file. It then askes for file compression - choose microsoft windows media and then click ok Then press the start button. It will now convert the vob into avi format.
(there are also other opions ie;dvd to avi etc) I have only used the vob to avi for this test.

After DVD ripper has transferred the file it will save it to the same folder as the original move was in eg: c:\africa\viteots. Open the file and you will now see an AVI icon containing the movie.

Make sure you PSP is on and in usb mode then Open Image convertor 2 and press on movie / add to list. For this example i click on C:drive the found the folder Africa and opened it and there was my converted AVI file. Click the file press ok and it will be transfered to your PSP for viewing pleasure.

*****Note**** i only converted one VOB file as thatS all there was for this particular movie. If you have more then one vob file you may need to try the dvd to avi when you rip. This is just a guide i worked out to compress dvd into the smallest possible file so you can get value out of a 512 card.


Image Converter 2.1 JAP translated to ENG.
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Free pagerank 8 .edu and .gov backlinks

Here are two website which gives you permanent backlinks for your website, what you need to do is just comment with the option Name/Url and thn publish the comment, but please don't spam them.

The links are given below:

Pagerank-8 .edu link:

Click here to go to the EDU website.

Pagerank-8 .gov link:

Click here to go to the GOV website

Please don't spam. Enjoy............

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Free Mobile Recharge by Facebook !!!

Wondering whether its possible to get free mobile recharges? There are plenty of online services that offers such 
promotional schemes.Some of them are genuine while rest are just fooling people.This Trick Really Works :)

Source of this post is: 

EmbeePay is the best as you can easily  garner points to do recharges of Rs 100+. It seems too good to be true but I have tested it on my own numbers.The recharges were spontaneous.
How To Get Free Recharge Using EmbeePay

Login into your Facebook Account.
Open EmbeePay Facebook Application by clicking Here.
Now Confirm your mobile number and Emai ld address to instanly get 100 points
Refer your friends for this application and you will get 300 points for first 5 refrealls (thats cakewalk for most of us) and for rest of the refreals you will be credited 1 point for  each 10 poinst earned by your refreals.
To get more points you can also do surveys  which are worth 10-30 points each.
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You can login with multiple id's on the same yahoo messenger without any download or patch .
Follow these steps :

1. Go to Start ----> Run . Type regedit, then enter .

2.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER --------> Software --->yahoo ----->pager---->Test

3.On the right page , right-click and choose new Dword value .

4.Rename it as Plural.

5.Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.

Its done!!
Now close registry and restart computer  and try Multiple Login

Key Loggers , Be careful with them if some one has physical acess to your system

Key Loggers, like the name suggests, are programs that record keystrokes from the computer keyboard and either logs it to the computer or sends it to its maker through a built in e-mail engine. Key logging allows a prospective hacker to gain access to the user name, passwords, and even id numbers entered into sensitive online bank accounts or passwords to remote control programs.

You can find the list of latest keyloggers here

Use PSMantiKeylogger to check if your computer has any keyloggers installed, you can get it here

Here are a few other ways to be safe from harmful effects of key loggers

    * Monitoring what programs are running

A user should constantly observe the programs which are installed on his or her machine. Also, devices connected to PS/2 and USB ports (which have both been hacked) can be used to secretly install a keylogger and then remove it (along with the user’s data) by the perpetrator.

    * Anti-spyware

Anti-spyware applications are able to detect many keyloggers and cleanse them. Responsible vendors of monitoring software support detection by anti-spyware programs, thus preventing abuse of the software.

    * Firewall

Enabling a firewall does not stop keyloggers per se, but can possibly prevent transmission of the logged material over the net if properly configured.

    * Network monitors

Network monitors (also known as reverse-firewalls) can be used to alert the user whenever an application attempts to make a network connection. This gives the user the chance to prevent the keylogger from “phoning home” with his or her typed information.

    * Anti-keylogging software

Keylogger detection software is also available. Some of this type of software use “signatures” from a list of all known keyloggers. The PC’s legitimate users can then periodically run a scan from this list, and the software looks for the items from the list on the hard-drive. One drawback of this approach is that it only protects from keyloggers on the signature-based list, with the PC remaining vulnerable to other keyloggers.

Other detection software doesn’t use a signature list, but instead analyzes the working methods of many modules in the PC, allowing it to block the work of many different types of keylogger. One drawback of this approach is that it can also block legitimate, non-keylogging software. Some heuristics-based anti-keyloggers have the option to unblock known good software, but this can cause difficulties for inexperienced users.

    * One-time passwords (OTP)

Using one-time passwords is completely keylogger-safe because the recorded password is always invalidated right after it’s used. This solution is useful if you are often using public computers where you can’t verify what is running on them. One-time passwords also prevents replay attacks where an attacker uses the old information to impersonate. One example is online banking where one-time passwords are implemented and prevents the account from keylogging attacks as well as replay attacks.

    * Automatic form filler programs

Automatic form-filling programs can prevent keylogging entirely by not using the keyboard at all. Form fillers are primarily designed for web browsers to fill in checkout pages and log users into their accounts. Once the user’s account and credit card information has been entered into the program, it will be automatically entered into forms without ever using the keyboard or clipboard, thereby reducing the possibility that private data is being recorded. (Someone with access to browser internals and/or memory can often still get to this information; if SSL is not used, network sniffers and proxy tools can easily be used to obtain private information too.)

It is important to generate passwords in a fashion that is invisible to keyloggers and screenshot utilities. Using a browser integrated form filler and password generator that does not just pop up a password on the screen is therefore key. Programs that do this can generate and fill passwords without ever using the keyboard or clipboard.

    * Drag & Drop

Most keyloggers cannot intercept texts which are drag & dropped from one window to another[citation needed][dubious – discuss]. With the help of this technique, sensitive data could be transferred, for example, from a password manager to the target application[citation needed].

    * Non-technological methods

Most keyloggers can be fooled by alternating between typing the login credentials and typing characters somewhere else in the focus window. Similarly, one can move their cursor using the mouse during typing, causing the logged keystrokes to be in the wrong order. One can also use context menus to remove, copy, cut and paste parts of the typed text without using the keyboard.

Another very similar technique utilizes the fact that any selected text portion is replaced by the next key typed. E.g. if the password is “secret”, one could type “s”, then some dummy keys “asdfsd”. Then these dummies could be selected with mouse, and next character from the password “e” is typed, which replaces the dummies “asdfsd”.
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Chat with your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and MSN contacts in the same window

Radius IM is the new all ajax online messenger of the block. You can sign up into your yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, AOL and G talk and chat with your contacts in the same window.

Quoting the developers ‘RadiusIM is all about location. It’s a free web service that shows you who’s around and let’s you IM them. Sign up now to see who’s hanging out in your favorite neighborhoods.’

Whats most interesting is the fact that they also have their own direct IM service, which auto-determines your location and places an icon on a Google map embedded in the site.
The best thing yet is the fact that its entirely ajax, and does not require download of any sort. So here is a nice little thing that will keep you occupied.
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