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Get free .biz domain, hurry only for few people

Hello guys. It's been a long time, since I've written something at this blog. Due to my tenth board exams(ICSE), I am unable to post something very good. The exams gets over on March 20, but still I've got to write this cause this post will freak you out. Yeah! It does. Well, I'll first say what forced me to write this post even when I'm having my boards. Don't worry, I had computer app today, got holiday tomorrow so I can manage studying somehow. Here it is: even if I am off online here using internet at my PC I'll be checking my updates(earnings, stats of pageviews and yes, my email). So did I, the same thing yesterday. And guess what, at my inbox I got tat we can now get free .biz domains. True, Gossimer are giving away free 5000 .biz domains and I got one. Even you can do it, but on one condition. This condition worked on me cause I already am applicable to their conditions, the condition is that you just need at least one active domain registered under them. So even I had one and I got one. I've even shared the first year's payment(for domain) snapshot, check it below.

Check the date when I've purchased and even the first payment amount(its 0.00).

What you waiting for go now and register a domain- .in or .com and get .biz domain for free. You get double benefits, a .in domain if you always wanted to and free .biz domain. One more thing, gossimer accepts payza also.

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