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Download Pokemon Go - iOS and Android

Hey, everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote something on this blog. I'm here today with this amazing method to download Pokémon Go app on your device (Android or iOS) and start playing the game right away in countries where it is not officially available. Currently is it available in US, UK, Germany, New Zealand  and many other Europeand countries. You guys know what the game is all about, how sensationally famous it has become. Well it is the most used app (33 minutes per day on average! FB : 22 minutes.) Yeah, it beat FB and even SnapChat! So let me just get to the point. Below is list of few countries where the game isn't made available in the respective App Stores yet.

Japan - TBA
South Korea - TBA
Brazil - TBA
Ireland - Saturday, July 16, 2017
Canada - TBA
India  - TBA

Me - being in India, I felt the same way as you're feeling now until I found this method to download the game. This doesn't require you to do a lot of things to download and everything. It's easy and I'll make sure that I'll make it simple and straight forward.

The following method is for the iOS users.

Things Required : iPhone/iPad (iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S or 6S Plus), an email [that is not already registered on Apple App Store]

Ready? "Now what? " Just follow these steps:

Step 1 : Create a new Apple IDby choosing United States as your country. Confirm your email by entering the six-digit code sent to your email.

Step 2 : Go to the App Store, scroll down to the bottom, hit on your email and hit Sign Out.

Step 3 : Now, sign in using the new account you've created.

Step 4 : Go to Search tab, type in 'Pokemon Go' and download the game.

Step 5 : Open the app, choose 'POKEMON TRAINER CLUB' under "Sign Up With."

Step 6 : Once are redirected to the Pokémon Trainer Club Sign Up page, create a new account by entering your details and a desired username. In the first page, let the Country be left as United States, as it is.

Step 7 : Once it says that the account is created, hit done in top-left corner (Android users can switch back to the Pokemon Go App), and login with the username and password that you just created.

Step 8 : Why are you still reading this post?! Go on, start playing the freaking game already. And play safe!

And the following method is for the Android users.

Things Required : And Android Phone, access to your email ID.

Follow these steps now:

Step 1 : Open up Settings -> Security and scroll down. Next to where it says 'Unknown Sources,' tap the toggle to turn it on.

Step 2 : Download the Pokemon Go APK file from this link (Directly, or you can move it to your device later if you've downloaded it on your PC.)

Step 3 : Go to the directory where the APK file is saved, and open it. Install the app.

Step 4 : Follow the Sign Up procedure starting from the Step 5 above.

 Here is a screenshot of the Pokémon I've caught today.

The last one is Bulbasaur. :')

Airtel 3G isn't enough. Oh, you might like this : Free 1GB 4G Airel Data (Will be updated shortly) . Hope it helped. :D
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