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Clixsense - legit or scam

Everyone has a question till now whether the PTC site, Clixsense is legit or scam. But the reason behind this, they pay you only when you reach an account balance of $8.00, since it would be difficult to earn so much at that site (but not difficult if you follow the steps from this link). Once you reach the payment threshold, only then they would enable the button of 'cash out'. To say for instance, the site is legit and paid me with $10.00 the proof is give below (screenshot). How only $10, well I earn so much that the Tax along which the Clixsense team would redeem while payout. Like for $8 it would be $0.45, but for $10 it was $0.51. How?

The may charge some fees for pay out, $0.25 for themselves and 2.5 percent for the Alertpay team/Paypal team, since i took the payment via Alertpay it was $0.51.

The payment proof from Clixsense is posted below:

So this confirms that Clixsense is a legit site.

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Alertpay is now payza

The Alertpay blog recently posted that the Alertpay is going to be payza this spring with new designs, features, with new name and logo as well.

The AlertPay that you love is becoming Payza this spring — to give you exactly these things! Thanks to a recent merger with UK-based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions, we were able to join forces to take AlertPay to the next level of online payment processing.
This May, we're launching a redesigned website with more service offerings to bring you an even better online payment processing experience. All of your information will transition to — so you don't have to do a thing! Same account number, same personal and financial information, same login & password!

What are the new features?

Well the blog actually informed that the name and the logo will be changed and the information, nothing will be changed. But we will get:

* New Kinda service offerings

* Enhanced customer support (hope it would not be the same as the old long time process system)

* A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website.

Not only the above ones but also some changes are made, which we would get more services for:

* Smartphone and mobile phones

* More countries

* Global bank wire loads in more currencies

And one thing let the Team will not tax you so much that they used to do before.
But thanks for the service, you guys rocks. I never used paypal since i was fond of the Alertpay, now I'm happy that the are on new update.
Hope this new name will be liked by it's current users.

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Lava Xolo - first android phone with Intel processor

The Lava XOLO is Intel’s first production Android smartphone that is available on the actual mobile market. Being released on April 23rd across India. The phone has pretty decent specs but now that blazing fast dual-core and quad-core phones are out Intel might be slightly behind the curve again. The XOLO features a 4.03-inch 1024 x 600 resolution display, and of course the Intel Medfield 1.6 GHz dual-core Atom Z2460 processor with 1GB of RAM along with a pretty decent 8 megapixel camera.

 Sadly it runs on Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich and here’s a quick look:

Along with micro-SD, micro HDMI, 16GB of internal storage and a 1.3 front shooter for those self portraits the phone is pretty well equipped. Intel’s processor doesn’t quite reach levels that Qualcomm’s new S4 does in the HTC One S, but it speeds the Gingerbread OS along quite fine as you saw above. They phone had a very candy bar and square design — safe to say the least. Get Ice Cream Sandwich on this, which we here is coming soon and this phone will be plenty decent for a mid-ranged price. Sadly it will never be released stateside for those wanting to get in the Intel-powered action. Expect more things from Intel soon though as we’ve seen reports of a Motorola phone with ICS on the way.

Additionally check out the Intel powered phone running on Quadrant on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in this quick video

This phone was released by the 23 April of this year at $450 (INR 22,000)

Be prepared to use this first phone running on Intel processor.
Take a look at unboxing this phone via the video below:

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Crysis 3 release date

The EA games with the partner of the crytek's boss officially confirmed the plans to release Crysis 3 - powered by cryENGINE3 with all new 3D effects in it.

Yes, in 3D, the crytek's boss Cevat Yerli plans to launch the game along with the 3D effects in it, which was reported by himself at the "E3" in an interview with a German PC magazine team, "GameStar".

Crysis 3 Release Date:

It was because of the succession of the previous versions of the Crysis game that the Crysis 3 will be coming soon to the world. When? The date is still not decided when to be released, but the point that the difference between the release dates of Crysis 1 and 2 were 3 years, as the game crysis 2 were released at November 2010, then this may confirm that Crysis 3 would be released at November 2013. And yeah the game Crysis 1 was released at November 2007.

But soon the release date will be published, till then stay tuned at this blog.

You can watch the trailer and the Gameplay of the game below.

Please, before closing this tab please leave a comment/opinion on the 3D technology which would be used at the upcoming game with all new weapons some cool new advanced weapons.
Check more about the weaponry used in the Game at the Official Crysis Website.



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