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Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection full version with activation key

Hello! I just got a working activation key of Pinnacle Studio 15 HD collection with the help of some friends who actually bought the software disc, fully loaded with awesome collection of all what Pinnacle's software  Mostly, people download this just to get the software named Pinnacle Studio 15, video editing software, included in it. This is a very famous software, now owned by Corel. The keygens found to this software everywhere else are mostly virus or trojans. First of all, we downloaded the software using torrent, but didn't get full version of it. But later on we purchased it from some local re-sellers and got this awesome activation key working for all version of Pinnacle Studio 15 HD collection. In this I'm going to share this key with you guys so that you get the software for free as part of our giveaway. We also asked the permission to the vendor, as we are regular to him. Along with this, I will also provide a link(torrent) to download this software. The files are all good and are scanned for virus in Norton online scanner. This is just a giveaway, so feel free to get this at "priceless" tag.

Let's know something about pinnacle:

Pinnacle Studio, a non-linear video editing sofware manufactured by the Pinnacle System. Pinnacle System was acquired by Avid and then later in July 2012 by Core. The best-part of the Pinnacle's former professiona-level software is it's Liquid Edition at it's conusmer-level and now called as Avid Liquid. It can also take in VOB istantly from computer's CD/DVD. This software applicaion also allows users to author video content or create VCD, DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD disks in its lates release, v15, all with menus and burn them without any need of additional software.

Well, I can't explain more, check down to get the download links.

Click here to download the torrent file of full version Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection

The activation key for Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection is :

Click the link for full key. ENJOY!

Use it wisely. Hope you liked the giveaway and this worked to you also.
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ibVPN service Review + 2 Premium Total VPN package accounts giveaway

With this post I'm gonna review a VPN service by ibVPN along with pricing, performance, server, etc. First of all , lets know what VPN is. VPN, short form of virtual private network enables a extension of private network like the internet. It actually enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared networks as if they are the combined part of the private network This service also enables one to use internet from a place and get complete access to it from another place.

I would like to thank ibVPN Team for accepting my review request and Elisabeta Ghidiu for making easier for me to communicate with the entire team. This team has got 9 years of experience in designing and coding internet privacy tools.

Invisible Browsing VPN, famously known as ibVPN, is a paid virtual private network service offering it's users an unlimited usage with access to over 16 countries' 50 servers around the world. The ibVPN offers it's users with wide range of plans of pricing, ranging from hours to years and to use the service at many different connections including SSTP. The pricing at this site are comparatively lower than what the other sites charge. With discounts given to all it's users they also allow to use this service on your iOS and Android devices. This service also allow torrent traffic on some of their selected servers. New servers are added regularly at fixed interval(sometimes it may vary) and new versions of apps for iOS and Android are also updated. ibVPN not only provides it service to iOS or Android, Windows or Mac, but also the PlayStation and XBOX.

Why use ibVPN?
There might be countless other VPN service and since we can't test them all, we choose the one best and most reviewed or watching the comments by others. Well even this doubt can be tackled as ibVPN provides  free VPN, as trial, for 6 hours. Don't let off this hand-held chance, try it now.

A few more best features of the service are listed below and this shows why to choose ibVPN.

i. ibVPN performance test: ibVPN does have super-fast servers and this is directly dependent on the speed of your ISP. The best you've got, the best it gives. The speed of buffering is not lost as it is controlled by new ibDNS and thus enables TV streaming also. The servers of ibVPN showed the result given below when connected to it for servers of US and UK. Speedtest made at
Check the other servers' speed test result here.(image)

ii. ibVPN Servers: ibVPN provides its users with over 50 servers based on 16 countries. These servers are 99% uptime and are regularly updated. ibVPN provides servers based in all leading countries including US, UK, Germany, etc. And for some chosen countries there are more than one server based on different cities in a country. These servers allow the use of many famous sites, including HULU, Netfix or Pandora.

iii. ibVPN Plans and Pricing: Providing five different types of VPN packages, ibVPN starts it plans from $4.95 per month. The payments to this are made via highly secured payment methods including paypal and paypro. Check the complete list of payment processors here. Here are the four different packages they provide with prices.

Apart from these, they even provide another package that none other VPN service gives with the name Multi VPN package. Where a single VPN can be used by many users at a single time. Get more info here.

iv. ibVPN Compatibility: We've already mentioned in second paragraph that ibVPN support many technologies of VPN. They include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, all with easy setup. All these technologies can be used at many platform like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS, WM Smartphone. In addition to DD-WRT routers. Along with this, they made windows users easier by proving "All in oneVPN". These support the internet usage in many browsers including IE Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Apart from all of these ibVPN, like none other, provides the users, those who are subscribed, a premium VPN account for ten subscribed members selected randomly. These 10 lucky winners get Premium VPN account valid for one month. The winners are announced each month at their blog. You might also be lucky, try it be the winner. Subscribe from here. In order to get this, you also need to subscribe to their fan page and twitter page. Like FB page here. Follow ibVN in Twitter. ibVPN also provides VPN routers, available for UK, US, Canada and Mexico. Check here for more details.

Review Conclusion.
It was a pleasure to test this VPN service by Invisible Browsing VPN. They offer the service performance fast enough to cope with ours and with many number of servers placed in number of countries. The prices and plans are worth a value to be bought and it's compatibility are wide ranged and thus makes it being used vastly. From all these they also offer the subscribed users a regular giveaways for ten lucky users. Try the VPN service from ibVPN now.

ibVPN Reviewed by Murali Mohan on . After all this test, I would strongly recommend one to use ibVPN and give 4.5 stars out of 5. Invisible Browsing VPN, famously known as ibVPN, is a paid virtual private network service offering it's users an unlimited usage of private internet. Rating: 4.5

ibVPN Premium Account Giveaway
ibVPN decided to sponsor our giveaway with two premium accounts valid for 6 months each. They sponsored in giving the winners 2 premium Total VPN package accounts. The prizes are directly given by the ibVPN team on our compulsion. This brings in trust to you and them! Post your entry now and get a chance to win this awesome Giveaway! It only takes few minutes to participate. Good Luck.

Due to some problems we've hosted the giveaway at other blog of mine, sorry for the inconvenience. Click here to go to the site where giveaway is hosted.
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The Croods Game now available for smartphones

Recently the creators of the most downloaded, loved and played game series Angry Birds, Rovio created a new game for smartphones to add to it's list. Created with the animation help of DreamWorks Animations. This game was released to stores officially on March 14, of this year. The game is now limited only to the smart phones using these OS in it - iOS, Android and that of Kindle fire. The game has become number one already over 40 countries around the world, is a free game based on the upcoming motion picture named 'The Croods' to be released on April 19 of this year(2013). The game deals with the cavemen who are breaking out of the Stone Age with the use of a new r-evolutionary tool: the IDEA! The cavesmen will hunt and gather their way through spectacular new landscapes as they tame fantastic and never-seen-before creatures. The game is strategy-based, i.e. the game comes under the strategy category.

Some features of the game:

* Trap & tame 10 evolutionarily mixed- up creatures!

* Create wacky inventions with Grug to explore new areas.

* Decorate the pre-historic world with the latest, in caveman fashion accessories.

* Meet the favorite characters in animation film from DreamWorks Animation, The Croods.

Download Links of the game 'The Croods'

The Rovio team also created another game with some Physics dealt in them named, Amazing Alex. Try the game too.

Check the official GamePlay video of this already-famous game.

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How to recharge mobile using Payza, MoneyBookers and LibertyReserve?

We've seen many online service of giving free recharge for doing some paid survey and these can be completed only once. So in order to get recharge for your mobile multiple times, you need to get many referrals which is quite an impossible task. For this reason and one more; I mostly earn online using Adsense and PTC sites. With PTC sites, I almost make $10 per month without a single referral. All this money goes to my verified Payza account. What to do with this money? So I searched in Google for the sites offering recharge for Indian mobile by paying them with payza. I succeeded in that and found a famous recharge site This site accepts payments via Payza, MoneyBookers and LibertyReserve. But this site, due to some reason are now not at all accepting payments via all the three in an automatic process. They require a manual payment. This manual payment can never be made, as they do not reply to any of our contact 'tickets'.

With most of the people's non-verified Paypal account, can't do anything, so I've written this post just to share a service which recharge mobiles in India(they also accept International recharge right now) just using the above mentioned payment processors. The service is viable and trusted, processed by a person from Bangladesh, does this service very quickly. The rates are mentioned below. Disadvantage is that the service doesn't have a site, but he has informed to me that a site will be created very soon and recharge are generally processed with minimum recharge of Rs. 100. Don't worry, he's trusted. I myself have made many times recharge to my mobile over Rs. 1000 in total. The service only accepts prepaid recharges only; please note they do not accept postpaid recharges.


  $2.31   - Rs.100
  $11.55 - Rs.500
  $23.1   - Rs.1000

How to get the recharge?

Well just go to this site, a facebook fan page, note the number of fans they've got. This service is hardly known to everyone. CLICK HERE. Send the message, by clicking 'message' button next to 'like' button of the page. Send this message(just copy and paste) replace the amount.
Hello,  I'd like to get my mobile number recharged with an amount of Please send in the email of your XXX  payment processor. The details:
mobile no.

Thank you!

xxx - Amount, note: minimum amount is Rs.100. XXX - type of processor you've decided to pay with of the above three. Change the details, as per your conditions. Type in the mobile no. in place 'mobile no.', leave the 'Prepaid' as it is.
If the recharge for such a mobile operator is available, the person will reply to your request and complete the process. This works well with airtel. Hope this helped.
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