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How people earn more at neobux?

People whomsoever search and click on this link might be eager to know why their earnings are very low than what the other geeks(of neobux or PTCs) do. But the real fact is, even you can do this. Don't even think about this that you are poor at using/earning from any kind of PTC sites which have enabled to complete any kind offers (matomy, payment wall, trialpay, etc). Even crowflower. Crowdflower is the main source of income as of my part. I actually earn $10+ per day just using two real working sites. The total of $10 is calculated for these two sites, making and average of $5. I know you guys are very much interested in knowing . But there are some restriction for revealing this best info out (for free).

So this mainly requires for a payment of some money(cash back guaranteed) if 'our' method fails. To get this you just need to contact me using my email:

Before having some negotiations, I would ask you to check the proof, to get trust on my method. Check the video below:

What do you think? STUNNED!

Even you can make it, with your account. Though I'm from India, I made so much.

What to do?

Just send your following details to the above mentioned email.

Email(if not included, your contact email will be regarded)
Country (required)
Neobux username
Referral link(of neobux)
Date of joining
Upgraded or not, with proof*(screen shots acceptable along with your username in it)

*The chances of getting this approved for your account is more if you account is upgraded at neobux.

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Why these info?

Once you send to me these info...I will tell you about it when have a chat.

Hoping that you accept my offer.
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