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Angry Birds All In One Patches and Activation keys

We all know that Rovio, an entertainment media company, are the creators of world famous, globally successful game Angry Birds franchise. I guess there are no people, who are sound enough, without knowing this famous game. In this game, the eggs of these birds are somehow stolen by the Pigs and due to this the birds take revenge by striking themselves over and smashing them. Thus the name Angry Birds. In this, the Rovio Inc made some stories as continuations and created a series of games with range of names. With this post, I'm gonna share the list of all games' patches and activation keys in the series of the Angry Birds franchise, along with a video proof.

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Well I guess I don't have to say more about the game, it's just fabulous and everything. But only thing I care is the people who can't afford to buy the game as complete version so I've made it possible to download the game directly from the Official Site and get the full version of it by using these patches I've made into a single program.

This program consists:
i. Angry Birds patch and activation key
ii. Angry Birds Rio patch and activation key
iii.Angry Birds Seasons patch and activation key
iv. Angry Birds Space patch and activation key
v. Angry Birds Star Wars patch and activation key
vi. Bad Piggies patch and activation key (as extra)

Along with these, I've also included a readme file to allow people to know how to patch. Or refer the video from this link. Watch the video below to get the video proof.

Download the All In One Program from here.
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