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Incapsula Review

Incapsula a security CDN service, is a leading CDN service provider that enhances the security and performance of any blog or website, offering a enterprise grade solutions at an affordable prices - including strong Free plan options. Over years Incapsula was featured in many sites; CNET, Forbes, etc. The company's client list included many Global brands, Sony, ControlScan and KDE - amongst others. However, Incapsula main mission is affordable security for SMB and SME websites, which it achieves via its cost minimizing cloud technology.

What's a CDN?

CDN, short form of Content Delivery Network, is a system with servers that quickly transfers the data of a hosted websites to web browsers and web-data accessing systems. CDN shortens the physical distance your website and its visitors and caches the website's content. This will make the website load faster and bring down bandwidth consumption.

What Incapsula CDN got to offer?

Incapsula operates on a global network of data center, which it uses to accelerate the performance of customer websites. Incapsula offers CDN and standard caching capabilities for free and these will make the website go 40% faster and consuming 50% less bandwidth.

Incapsula’s paid customers (starting at $9/month) can also get access to Advanced caching, which uses smart algorithms to improve the speed and bandwidth consumption by another 30%-60%.

Security is what Incapsula does best.

The free plan users can benefit from a great visitor classification technology which will block bad bots, spammers, scrapers and automated attackers - allowing only legitimate traffic to come through.

Incapsula paid plans will improve security even further with PCI compliant Web Application Firewall (WAF). This WAF keeps website safe from sophisticated malicious attacks like SQL injection, XSS, etc. This solution proved to be extremely effective, and will block even the most recent threats, because its constantly maintained and updated by Incapsula security team.

Incapsula also offers DDoS protection service that delivers immediate and comprehensive protection for both network and application level (layer 7) DDoS. Incapsula’s methods of mitigation are fully transparent and it will not cause business disruption, even when blocking an incoming attack.

The setup is very easy; with simple DNS changes everyone can add Incapsula in less than 5 minutes compared to other CDNs, this is a breeze.
Watch what Incapsula is in this short video demonstration

What makes Incapsula better than other CDN providers?

i. CDN and website optimizer

Incapsula's Global CDN keeps the websites running at top speed. This CDN provider's unique technology optimizes any hosted site's loading and navigation processes, without compromising the site's appearance and functions. This also increases the website speed by getting both content related visitors and ensuring how fast and efficiently the page renders; regardless to visitors' device or location.
The CDN combines best industry practices such as caching, compression and connection combing with innovative techniques. This is important because good performance ensures happy users and returning business. In the end, "happy users = better conversions."

Key CDN benefits:

  • Wide spread Global CDN
  • Proxy accleration
  • Dynamic content caching
  • makes websites 30% to 70% faster
  • saves up to 90% bandwidth

ii. Enterprise grade WAF

As informed above, Incapsula uses PCI certified and cloud-based Web Application Firewall(WAF) to protect its clients. This WAF offers an enterprise level security, and it's currently- the only cloud based PCI compliant WAF - which tells a lot about its quality. The WAF is a product of eight years of experience in the field of website's security and is highly customizable and effective against all security threats, including OWASP Top 10. Best of all, these security features are enhanced by real time updated and centralized collaboration and thus doesn't require any security expertise from the user.

Due to the effectiveness of its security features, Incapusla's service are used by many trusted websites: financial institutions, government agencies, ecommerce application and trading platform. Recently introduced Backdoor Protection feature is a welcome addition, as it also helps remove backdoor sheels from compromised sites, helping even those who were hacked before adding the service,check more details here.

Key WAF benefits:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Comprehensive protection: SQLI, XSS, RFI and more
  • Deals with all OWASP top ten threats
  • PCI compliance and auto-reporting
  • Easy to use and customizable - fit for security experts and every-day users alike

More details? check them here.

iii.DDoS Protection

Incapsula uses load balancing and intelligent scrubbing to mitigate DDoS attacks of all kinds and sizes. The service provides cost-effective protection against network and application layer DDoS.
The focus here is on zero business disruption. Incapsula scrubbing methods offer 99.9% accuracy to prevent any loss of business when under attack. The key is SMART mitigation. No lags, no delay pages, just effective protection. At the same time, Incapsula reverse proxy setup can also be used for IP masking – providing effective protection even to free plan customers.

Key DDoS Benefits:

  • Accurate DDoS Protection
  • Zero Business Disruption
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Centralized Attack analysis
  • Affordable protection
  • Protects from all DDoS attacks: TCP FIN, UDP, ICMP, HTTP Flood, etc. 

iv. Plans and Pricing

Incapsula provides four different plans, starting from Free to  Enterprise packages. The free plan will not provide DDoS protection, beyond that which is offered by all CNDs, but allof the plans come with a free 14 days trials, so if you need a long-term solution, at least you can try it before you buy it. The paid plans start at $9/month and this will get you all of the advanced acceleration features and SSL support, with free protection from bots and automated threat, this should be enough for many online businesses. For WAF you'll need to pay $59 a month, still a very low price - considering the benefits of such service and the existing, much more costly, alternatives.

Get the complete comparison list at the official site of Incapsula from here.

v. Control Panel and Analytics

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, Incapsula also provides excellent real-time analytics for web traffic from search engines, bots, etc for performance and threats.

Incapsula control panel is very user-friendly and easy to use. It does a good job separating between high and low end features.This is good news if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on customization. Still, if you have some security background and  want extra control over the default configuration – you can do that too.

vi. 24/7 Support

Incapsula provides a 24/7 contact support for its customers, either by email, by chat or by phone. This makes things a lot easier for new and existing customers. Incapsula also operated an online Support Center and a frequently updated company Blog. You can also contact them on Twitter or excellent Facebook page.


Reviewing Incapsula was a pleasure andI would definitely recommend this CDN over others. It does an excellent job at acceleration but really shines when it comes to security.In the end, Incapsula simply does more than other CDN providers. My final score is 4.5 out of 5. There is a room for improvement in the control panel, but these are just minor issues. In the end, it does what it says it does, in a very effective way and for a very low price.Try the CDN service from Incapsula now!

Incapsula CDN Reviewed by Murali Mohan on . Rating: 4.5
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Angry Birds All In One Patches and Activation keys

We all know that Rovio, an entertainment media company, are the creators of world famous, globally successful game Angry Birds franchise. I guess there are no people, who are sound enough, without knowing this famous game. In this game, the eggs of these birds are somehow stolen by the Pigs and due to this the birds take revenge by striking themselves over and smashing them. Thus the name Angry Birds. In this, the Rovio Inc made some stories as continuations and created a series of games with range of names. With this post, I'm gonna share the list of all games' patches and activation keys in the series of the Angry Birds franchise, along with a video proof.

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Well I guess I don't have to say more about the game, it's just fabulous and everything. But only thing I care is the people who can't afford to buy the game as complete version so I've made it possible to download the game directly from the Official Site and get the full version of it by using these patches I've made into a single program.

This program consists:
i. Angry Birds patch and activation key
ii. Angry Birds Rio patch and activation key
iii.Angry Birds Seasons patch and activation key
iv. Angry Birds Space patch and activation key
v. Angry Birds Star Wars patch and activation key
vi. Bad Piggies patch and activation key (as extra)

Along with these, I've also included a readme file to allow people to know how to patch. Or refer the video from this link. Watch the video below to get the video proof.

Download the All In One Program from here.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Final + Keys Free Download

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an anti-malware application that can thoroughly remove even the most advanced malware. Malwarebytes products have a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits. When it comes to the safety of your computer, Malwarebytes provides the ultimate in protection from the cutting edge of technology! Malwarebytes technology takes the next step in the fight against malware. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO detects and removes malware where even the best known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start. The Proactive Protection Module of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro keeps your system safe and secure with advanced heuristic scanning technology. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium includes three proprietary technologies (signature, heuristics, and behavorial) that automatically protect you and your online experience from malware that antivirus products don't detect. It employs malware removal techniques so innovative that computer technicians often recommend Malwarebytes when an antivirus can't finish the job. Proprietary Malwarebytes Chameleon technology protects Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium against malware's attempts to disable it, so you're always protected.

*Detects and protects against malware in real-time
*Blocks hacking and phishing attempts
*Schedules automatic scanning
*Offers three flexible scanning modes
*Malicious website blocking
*Real-time protection
*Heuristic detection
*Integrated Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
*Hyper Scan mode
*Scan/Database update scheduler
*Integrated Malwarebytes Chameleon
*Advanced malware removal
*Antivirus compatibility

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Final
Download the keys: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Final Keys
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Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.23 Build 11(32bit + 64bit Patch) Free Full download

The free serial key and crack to this software, Internet Download Manager is found very scarcely but searched over the internet for entire day to get this. Well then you've made a good decision by clicking to this link, we provide the software that which is modified (by someone) and enabled to accept the key that are provided along with it. But before installing there are some precautions. Please do follow them. Before reading it, we'll learn what Internet Download Manager is.

Internet Download Manager, know by it's famous term IDM, is a download manager that increases the download speed up to 5 times from the normal one. This also enables downloads to resume and schedule that which any browser disables the option. With the technology used in IDM, the manager will restart the downloads that are interrupted or broken due to lost connection, power outages, computer shutdown or network problems. This manger also supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video files. The manager automatically syncs with the browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc to handle the downloads. The IDM has the capability of dialing the modem at set time, download the files required and then hang up or even shut down the computer when the downloads are completed.

The 6.12 version of IDM has included download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like Youtube, Google Videos, etc. Features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, Youtube grabber, redeveloped  scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version adds variety of integration to IE and IE-based browser.

The precautions to be maintained are:
Please download and install the software only from this link, other software do not accept the keys provided at this download link.
Do not update to new version, if released.

Virus Total Results (Proof for no virus)

For idman623build11.exe - link
      32bit Patch build 11.exe - link
      64bit Patch build 11.exe - link

Installation guide:

1. Install idman623build11.exe.
2. Open and Install : 32bit Patch build 11.exe (For 32bit Windows)
    Open and Install : 64bit Patch build 11.exe (For 64bit Windows)
3. Run application if prompted to register just insert given serial.
4. Done, enjoy.

Download the software from here: 
32bit Patch build 11.exe
64bit Patch build 11.exe

One click download! No virus, no fakes, no surveys and no password. Comments required to show proof for other users. Thank you!
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Airtel UC Browser 8.2 Handler Free Browsing and Downloading

This is new version of Uc Browser named Uc browser 8.2 

The new UC Browser v Beta Chinese version released for Symbian, Android and Java. The unofficial English translated version now available for Symbian, Android and Java. UC Browser V bring new UI related improvements, features and function optimization to perform better and faster.
Airtel Modded UCweb 8.2 Handler For All India with Downloading Supported:
Step 1: Make these Settings in your phone or make prov file.
Step 2: Now Open Uc Browser provided by me (attach download)
Step 3: Run by Step1 settings, It will successfully initialized, Now you can browse freely.
Step 4: Remove http:// from download link before downloading a file. That's it doing this Your file will start downloading.

UC Browser 8.2 Handler ui 202: 
    Original UC Browser 8.2 Translated are:

  • UC Browser English S60v3 India .sis

  • UC Browser English S60v5 India .sis  

  • Download UC Browser 8.2 Airtel Modded with Above Settings:

  •  UC Browser 8.2 Modded by .jar

    This UC Browser 8.2 is Modded by f10f1111. If you find any difficulties in any Steps, Don't hesitate to comment below. I will try my best to resolve your problem immediately.
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    Free GTA V Crack and Updates

    Hey guys. Today I am going to share GTA 5 game crack and its updates or the fixes. You all are aware that RockStar games has released this most awaited game at cost which SOME can't afford, so they usually get the games from torrent. But most of the torrent doesn't either have the Cracks or those Cracks do not work. So here I am to give you guys the crack that been tested by me and that it works really well without a glitch.

    First let me tell how to integrate the Updates and Cracks and then give the Download links (Scroll Down to Download them first)

    Once you've downloaded the file follow these steps:

    1. Unzip the file
    2, (The most important step is that you must update the new version of RGSC) Update the new version of the game Installers folder of prerequisites RGSC
    3. Patch Update folder copied to the game directory covering
    4. Copy Crack folder crack to game directory covering
    5, (an optional step) Update runs once copied from one folder to the registry key recovery tool after the game directory
    6. Run Launcher.exe into the game

    All the game's release date has been integrated archive retrieval
    The old rules of your own soft kill to prevent accidental deletion 3dmgame.dll hack file

    To Install the Updates, just open all the .exe files. But first Install the Social Club.

    Use a torrent client to download it.

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