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Top Five PTC sites, with methods of earning + payout details

Nowadays people are so much eager to earn money from online resources like the PTSU, PTC, taking survey, tasks, freelancing or making up a blog. PTC, being one such resource, is one of the biggest online service used in order to earn money. Each and every people today, mainly internet addicts, know and are using this PTC site. Out of these people, most of them will be earning with very low earning that usually disappoint them, "They always need good results within a single day!", but this fact is entirely false. Without investment in money or time we do not get any success in earning fortune. Investment in either can really work. Like my side, I 'invested' my time and got this success today. Coming back to the point, people sometime are victim to the frauds who create PTCs only for their profits and for the members. So in order to evade from this, people search for trusted and elite sites. And so I am sharing the top five sites[not referral links] that allow to earn using it's serivce of PTC, completing tasks and surveys and other options. The list, I'm sharing here has included some features about the site and payment processing methods. Here goes the list:

i. Clixsense: Considered to be the elite site among all and is considered to be paying it's members since Feb 2007. There are many ways to earn from Clixsense; Paid to click (paid to visit), Crowdflower Tasks, surveys and tasks from Matomy, Supersonicads, etc, ClixGrids(Ad Grids), direct referrals, Rented referrals and downline tier until 10 (Superb!). Apart from all these Clixsense also conducts contest, one of which pays $50 for the one who has completed highest number of crowdflower tasks in a week. Different amounts for first ten winners. And other option to earn is from Clixsense research, for completing survey. Clixsense also gives bonus for completing their demands, like checklist, and allows to play online games(not for earning, for fun). Payments given on every Wednesdays 5 pm EST.
Payment methods: Check - $10/100, Paypal - $6/8, Payza - $6/8

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ii. Neobux: Free world-wide PTC service and in multi-language too. Website first started on March 2008, will be available till March 2023 (renewed until 2023). This site is considered to be paying since then and is trusted by each and every member. The trust has made the stats(daily) of the website go damn best than any other. The stats: over 10k+ members registered per day, 21,038k+ pageviews offered per day and paying over $139k+. All these in single day. The transactions per single day is in lac dollars, then the profit to them? There will be about 20k+ members online whenever we see. This is what we call a fortune. Leave it; about the earning methods, we have PTC, crowdflower tasks, bonus of $0.12 for every dollar earned from crowdflower tasks, surveys and offers by Supersonicads, matomy, etc and videos by Virool. Also from direct and rented referrals.
Payment methods: Paypal -$2/3.../10, Payza - $2/3.../10 and nettler - not sure about this.

Answer to your question: "How people earn more money at neobux?"

iii. Clicksia: As of everyone know, clicksia is a well know PTC and PTSU site which is paying its users worldwide for 5 years 10 months and 16 days for today. Paying daily, but requires a waiting for about 7 days, after a cashout request. Working since 2007, is owned by NorthOwl who is also the owner and administrator of, another PTC site which tops position 4 in this list of PTC sites. But the only disadvantage we get from this site is there are onlt PTCs and PTSUPs only and no tasks from virool or crowdflower. We can earn each valid hits we get for our referral link. Also, we get 10% commissions from unlimited referrals who both direct or rented. Ads (PTC) vary according to the region we are from. Best for USA and UK.
Payment methods: Paypal: $1, Payza: $1

Time for review: Clicksia - A complete review!

iv. Incentria: Well, we know incentria is considered to be the sister site to clicksia. It is owned by, as I've previously mentioned, by NorthOwl. Some consider that this admin was related to some scam PTC site named buxout back in Dec 2008. But he claimed that, he was just working in it for hosting it securly and not "own it". So here he is with two similar sites which are really paying. The conditions of this site also match with clicksia, so there are only two ways to earn PTC and PTSU. But we get earnings of 10% as commissions from each rented and direct referrals.
Payment methods: Paypal: $1, Payza: $1

v. ProBux: Most of them out there, in the world, not recommend this site as a elite one. Why? Because they

consider it by the makers of Onbux and they just didn't care for some of their users. Well all this false, cause they really pay. Why would Crowdflower choose probux when they are not legit. Or even Virool, matomy,etc? All that is the opposing people who give all this "Bolshevik".  Started in August 28 2012, it is a legit site. About the earning methods, we have PTC, crowdflower tasks,  surveys and offers by Supersonicads, matomy, etc and videos by Virool. As usual, the commissions from both rented and direct referrals.
Payment methods: Paypal: $5, Payza: $5

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10+ Sites that allow to download torrent without any torrent client

Many people, nowadays, are trying to download torrents using direct links from browsers or using any download mangers, say IDM. Why did people choose to download torrent using this way(directly)? Well the answer to this question is, the sites which provides these downloads directly, download the contents of the torrent file using their systems(Servers) and place them in theirs servers itself. The content of the torrent will be downloaded at a very high speed internet network, even if there are too little seeds and saves them in their servers. Thus allowing users to download from their servers easily and quickly. The first (very famous) website to use this is the and due to some problems, the site was shut down. "No one provides such service. Till date!", I would say about it. Well I'll just say the below mentioned site list as the alternatives of
All these are Torrific Alternatives!
Before checking the list below, why don't you check this post: How to download torrent files without using any torrent clients.

Here goes the list:

i. ZeroBigz(Zbigz): After torrific went down, this site replaced the torrific's position. This site almost gives a service that torrific was giving previously. This site has many features included in it, with both premium and free service. The site asks the user to provide the local .torrent file or a magnet URL of the file to be downloaded directly. The servers saves the content and then provide a temporary links for downloading to it's users.

Key Benefits:
  • Both Free and Premium services
  • No network restrictions
  • Video and music streaming 
  • High security with https protocols
Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

ii. BTCloud: BTcloud stands second in the list, they use the same technique that zbigz and torrific is[was] using. BTCloud also provides both premium and standard services. Premium service can be easily bought using the BTCoins. For standard users, BTCloud allows to use torrent with content limited for 1GB of size and allows login using FB, Twitter and weibo. Which is required before downloading something.

Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

iii. Boxopus: Boxopus downloads torrent content directly to your dropbox account without help of any torrent clients. With high security and trusted by many users, using this service is highly secured so need to worry about your DropBox account. Only three steps are involved in downloading the torrent content using the download managers:

  • Pick a torrent file
  • And upload to boxopus
  • Download the content from your DropBox account directly.

iv: is both Cloud storage and torrent client combined. Similar to Boxopus in working, but puts the downloaded data in the personal and private online cloud system and allows you to download instantly from anywhere without hogging your bandwidth connection. All this given at highspeed service. Just upload the torrent file download from any site, the websites caches the content at its servers and download the file.
Also watch RSS feeds and automatically start transfer jobs, works good with podcasts.

v. Torrent Handler: Torrent Handler works the way zbigz does, but without premium account you cannot download the files. Yes, Torrent Handler is a premium based service and no standard(free) service is available. Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Torrent Handler provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vi. Quick Torrent: Quick Torrent and Torrent Handler are both almost equal and thus come in next to each other. So both these websites are premium based and does not allow standard[free] downloads.  Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Quick Torrent provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vii. BitLet: BitLet is another torrific alternative and is java based website. We've seen sites like youtube downloader or, both use java to download videos, similarly BitLet also uses the same method with different programs in it to download the contents of torrents. This site's service is used by Supernova and, use these sites to browse torrents and download them directly at same time.

viii. FullDls: This site is both search engine and direct downloader. The site uploads the content of the torrent in and provides the link where it is uploaded. You can upload the torrent as well, but search the file you are uploading before doing it. They might have already been indexed.

ix. FileStream: Managed by the a bot named Chiko, Filestream provides it;s user ability to download the torrent files directly. Just upload the torrent, the Chiko works on it to cache it and informs you by your email when it is done. You can download it easily later on with fast and secure connection. The service also seeds the torrents, a advantage for torrent uploaders. They store these content at web storages and make them private.

x. PutDrive: Download torrent files easily from this premium site rapidly and securely. These torrent content can be put to your Dropbox, GDrive,, Skydrive, etc. Along with this service you can also download from rapidshare and other filehosters easily and quickly. All these works with premium only. Just upload the torrent, they cache them for you and select wher you'd like to add the file or download to your computer.

xi. ByteBX: Just register at this fast and secured service and upload the torrent to begin your download right away but with some conditions. You've got only 2.5GB of free storage. What to do to get more? Get referrals and on 50 referral you get, you'll get 100GB freely and valid for 14 days. Cool, ain't that?
This is site new one, but works well. Thanks Prescilla for sharing.

xii. Torcache: I've heard complaints about this site that they are not working properly. But still had to add this to the list, cause previously they worked for me.
Check this post: How to download torrents from Torcache?

This is it, 12 sites are listed here which help you to download the torrent files' content directly. There's another site called Torrent2exe, but this site doesn't allow you to download using IDm but with it's own client.

You can also use some browsers to download torrents like Opera Browser, Wyzo, Bitfox, etc
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Free Facebook in Aircel Mobile (USSD)

Hello dear readers, it has been a long time since I had written a post in this blog for some reason. Today I am going to tell you guys how to use Facebook in black and white mobile phones. This is actually a USSD service. I know that everyone knows about this; the main title should rather has be "How to use Free Facebook in Aircel."

Just follow these steps and you can use Free Facebook in Aircel.

This is workings since a year and was being personally used by me at times my phone didn't have internet. This will work across India. With this service you can do the following:
- You can read, like, comment and also check comments on posts.
- You can update status.
- You can Accept Friend requests. (But can't send them)
- Read messages, send them too to any of your friends only.
- Check Notifications.
- Receive birthday alerts officially from Aircel
- Wish your friend on that day too!

No image service is available. So, with all theses options you can use this service FREE of cost when internet is not available, or in fact even in your Black and White sets.

Just use the below given USSD codes.

For main menu : *325*44#
For message menu: *325*33*44#

Important: use 44 without fail, else this trick doesn't work.

For first time users, you should login with your Facebook email/number/username and password (case-sensitive).

Hope it works well for you. Share it with your friends too. This trick is first posted only at this site and not available anywhere else. So, if you want to publish in your site, you can do it by just adding this link giving us a credit.
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List of all Angry Birds Games with download links

We all know that Rovio, an entertainment media company, are the creators of world famous, globally successful game Angry Birds franchise. I guess there are no people, who are sound enough, without knowing this famous game. In this game, the eggs of these birds are somehow stolen by the Pigs and due to this the birds take revenge by striking themselves over and smashing them. Thus the name Angry Birds. In this, the Rovio Inc made some stories as continuations and created a series of games with range of names. With this post, I'm gonna share the list of all games in this series of the Angry Birds franchise, along with their download links for PC. Recently the Rovio Inc, along with DreamWorks animations created a game named 'The Croods' available only for smartphones.

Here goes the list starting with the very old Angry Birds.

i. Angry Birds: Using the unique destructible powers of the Birds to defeat the pig and their fortified castle, created out of wood, stone, glass, etc. the Birds are controlled by the users. Defeat the piggies to complete the level by taking the revenge of the Birds over stealing their beloved eggs. This game is full-time challenge and bring lots of fun with lots of quotes over it by very famous reviewers even from IGN, PocketGamer, etc. Patch and activation key to this game can be found here. Contact us for patch and activation key.
Download Angry Birds from here.

ii. Angry Birds Seasons: Getting the title special edition of Angry Birds, the game Angry Birds seasons has got lot other names like the Angry Birds Valentine's Day, Angry Birds Moon Festival, Angry Birds St. Patrick's Day, Angry Birds Christmas, Angry Birds Summer Pignic, Angry Birds Halloween and others. All these game combined into one got it the name Angry Birds seasons. Enjoy such a game in each season at certain holiday. The game got its latest update as Ham'o'ween, the Angry Birds Halloween. New birds are introduced in this game.Patch and activation key to this game can be found here. Contact us for patch and activation key.
Download Angry Birds Seasons From here.

iii. Angry Birds Rio: In this game the Angry Birds are so much angry that they are bird-napped, caged and brought to Rio,  they get out help the other birds trapped along with these Birds. This game includes a fight between the users as birds and computer as 'boss', what the old games used to end up with defeat of boss. This game evolves with defeating some bosses like nigel, main antagonist from the film Rio and other Mauro, leader of the marmosets. Download both patch and activation key for this game, Angry Birds Rio from this link. Click here.
Download Angry Birds Rio from here.

iv. Angry Birds Space: Right after they released the Angry Birds Rio, they soon released the other version of this game with the name, Angry Birds Space. In this game the eggs are stolen by the Pigs from space. These eggs are taken along with another Golden egg of a new bird introduced in this game. With 160 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity giving the game a spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. This game features with new in-built features such as in-app purchases and in-app share. Download both patch and activation key for Angry Birds Space.
Download the game from here.

v. Angry Birds Friends: Angry Birds Friends? This game is also called Angry Birds Facebook as the game features the delights the Birds' gameplay that the fans of them already know and love with some added social  and competitive elements. Added with social features, the fans can complete the game along with their friends, discuss their scores and also gain the so-coveted Gold, Silver or Bronze "crowns" for the top scores in each and every levels unlike the three Gold stars given in the other version of the game. With this, the fan can also present their Facebook friends "mystery gifts" that are covered by power-ups. These gifts can give the powers to the normal Birds to pop the peskiest pig as well, like the Mighty Eagle does. But the game is featured only as an online game and can be played from PC using your Facebook account.
Play the game in Facebook.

vi. Angry Birds Star Wars: The Birds here have become Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, and won their victory against the evil Imperial Pigs. During this battle, the birdy-Rebels as spies managed to steal some secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon name the Pig Star and are racing to deliver the plans to the other Rebels. The gamer has to do this, to help them had over the plans to the other Rebels in this game. The best game in deed. All the Birds in this game have changed by their appearance and on the other side, the pigs also. The game is played in the Star Wars universe. This too has the boss to be defeated at the end. Check it out!. Download both patch and activation key for Angry Birds Star wars.
Download the game from here.

Apart from these games there are other games which are not officially by the Rovio team, but still I'm sharing them here, the links to play those games.

So this is it, hope you liked them. There are many other games, but all those are now removed. Comments please.
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