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Free Angry Birds Star Wars II patch + activation key

Hi guys recently the Rovio team released the Angry Birds Star Wars Game 2 for PC as well but as everyone knows it got only 15 levels in it, to unlock all the 210 levels we need to activate it by purchasing a licence from the Rovio team. Before purchasing I request you to try this cool patch and a activation code which unlocks the whole 210 levels without a single penny paid to them.  Below is the images of the Patch included in this uploaded file. Download the game from the official site of angry birds and then just install the game, now open the patch file, click Patch, browse to the directory where you've installed the game or go here:

C:\Program Files\Rovio\Angry Birds Star Wars II\AngryBirdsStarWarsII.exe

now click open, thats it you are done.
Now open the game and enjoy the full version of the game.

P.S. Disable the anti virus for five minutes, only then the patch works, it is not virus. But the AV says it a virus cause the patch modifies the Game file i.e. the original and required games(main files) files. So once you patch it, delete them if needed.

The Activation key for this Game


Click here to download the patch file

This file contains :

The patch file

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Additional Info

Free Activation Key for all Angry Birds Games

I know a single activation key that really works with all Angry Birds versions like Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, etc... Just use the patch from this link and then use the following key:


Hope you liked it. Please comment.
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Angry Birds AIO Patches and Activation keys

We all know that Rovio, an entertainment media company, are the creators of world famous, globally successful game Angry Birds franchise. I guess there are no people, who are sound enough, without knowing this famous game. In this game, the eggs of these birds are somehow stolen by the Pigs and due to this the birds take revenge by striking themselves over and smashing them. Thus the name Angry Birds. In this, the Rovio Inc made some stories as continuations and created a series of games with range of names. With this post, I'm gonna share the list of all games' patches and activation keys in the series of the Angry Birds franchise, along with a video proof.

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Well I guess I don't have to say more about the game, it's just fabulous and everything. But only thing I care is the people who can't afford to buy the game as complete version so I've made it possible to download the game directly from the Official Site and get the full version of it by using these patches I've made into a single program.

This program consists:
i. Angry Birds patch and activation key
ii. Angry Birds Rio patch and activation key
iii.Angry Birds Seasons patch and activation key
iv. Angry Birds Space patch and activation key
v. Angry Birds Star Wars patch and activation key
vi. Bad Piggies patch and activation key (as extra)

Along with these, I've also included a readme file to allow people to know how to patch. Or refer the video from this link. Watch the video below to get the video proof.

Download the AIO Program from here.
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Free SEO Elite 4 full download + patch

We all know that SEO Elite is the key tool to make the websites' SEO show good results. Seo Elite is still today with its version 4 making more and more success in the world of search engine optimization, and become a very specific SEO software. With SEO Elite, we can easily get backlinks that brings a good PR to our site/blog. It shows the number of sites we are linked to instantly. The PR and authorities of these linked sites and lot more. Seo Elite is used by over 53.000 webmasters around the world. The 4th version has been supplied with more features and become one of the best SEO tool of all time. If you ask for my personal opinion regarding on SEO Elite, my answer for you is definitely one of the best SEO tool.

This tool sure has brought instant results to each and every user of it, just check the testimonials given by them at the official site of SEO ELite.

Get the complete access to this software by downloading it from here for free. This version of software is not free but given here at free of cost as a giveaway. This version is patched so that this works freely and without asking any serial key or activation keys.

Download from here (Ziddu)
Alternative link (BOX.COM)

This is just a giveaway! Use at your own risk~
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FileIce Downloader June 2013 full free download

Many people around the world are searching for downloading the file that bypasses the surveys before downloading the files uploaded at and think there's no such file. But remove this conception right away cause at this I'll be sharing the downloader that downloads the files from it by bypassing the surveys. The file I'm sharing is uploaded to three different file-hosting sites - Ziddu, Box and 4shared. The file isn't protected by any passwords or uploaded to any survey sites. So no password, no survey and links from Ziddu, Box and 4shared. But there is some other file to be downloaded, i.e. the serial key. Due to the fact that the file was purchased by myself and have made some modifications to it. This, therefor, deserves me some money. Most of the people don't pay directly, so decided to add a survey from Sharecash to download this small text file. This is the only working version of all.

         How to use this file to download files from perfectly?
Just Follow these steps.

1. Download the Downloader from here.
    Link 1(Ziddu). Link 2(BOX) or Link 3(4Share)
2. Once you've downloaded it, extract the file to you HDD.
3. Now go to this link or the one found in the .rar file.
4. Complete a survey to download the serial file (If you wish not to download, then contact me, I can provide)
5. Type in the serial key when the downloader asks to.
6. Copy and paste the URL of which file [from] you want to download in the space provided.
7. Confirm the link and click download. And everything is done. The download begins right away.

"Happy downloading!" This post is for sharing the file only!
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10+ Sites that allow to download torrent using Download Managers [without any torrent client]

Many people, nowadays, are trying to download torrents using direct links from browsers or using any download mangers, say IDM. Why did people choose to download torrent using this way(directly)? Well the answer to this question is, the sites which provides these downloads directly, download the contents of the torrent file using their systems(Servers) and place them in theirs servers itself. The content of the torrent will be downloaded at a very high speed internet network, even if there are too little seeds and saves them in their servers. Thus allowing users to download from their servers easily and quickly. The first (very famous) website to use this is the and due to some problems, the site was shut down. "No one provides such service. Till date!", I would say about it. Well I'll just say the below mentioned site list as the alternatives of

Before checking the list below, why don't you check this post: How to download torrent files without using any torrent clients.

Here goes the list:

i. ZeroBigz(Zbigz): After torrific went down, this site replaced the torrific's position. This site almost gives a service that torrific was giving previously. This site has many features included in it, with both premium and free service. The site asks the user to provide the local .torrent file or a magnet URL of the file to be downloaded directly. The servers saves the content and then provide a temporary links for downloading to it's users.

Key Benefits:
  • Both Free and Premium services
  • No network restrictions
  • Video and music streaming 
  • High security with https protocols
Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

ii. BTCloud: BTcloud stands second in the list, they use the same technique that zbigz and torrific is[was] using. BTCloud also provides both premium and standard services. Premium service can be easily bought using the BTCoins. For standard users, BTCloud allows to use torrent with content limited for 1GB of size and allows login using FB, Twitter and weibo. Which is required before downloading something.

Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

iii. Boxopus: Boxopus downloads torrent content directly to your dropbox account without help of any torrent clients. With high security and trusted by many users, using this service is highly secured so need to worry about your DropBox account. Only three steps are involved in downloading the torrent content using the download managers:

  • Pick a torrent file
  • And upload to boxopus
  • Download the content from your DropBox account directly.

iv: is both Cloud storage and torrent client combined. Similar to Boxopus in working, but puts the downloaded data in the personal and private online cloud system and allows you to download instantly from anywhere without hogging your bandwidth connection. All this given at highspeed service. Just upload the torrent file download from any site, the websites caches the content at its servers and download the file.
Also watch RSS feeds and automatically start transfer jobs, works good with podcasts.

v. Torrent Handler: Torrent Handler works the way zbigz does, but without premium account you cannot download the files. Yes, Torrent Handler is a premium based service and no standard(free) service is available. Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Torrent Handler provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vi. Quick Torrent: Quick Torrent and Torrent Handler are both almost equal and thus come in next to each other. So both these websites are premium based and does not allow standard[free] downloads.  Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Quick Torrent provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vii. BitLet: BitLet is another torrific alternative and is java based website. We've seen sites like youtube downloader or, both use java to download videos, similarly BitLet also uses the same method with different programs in it to download the contents of torrents. This site's service is used by Supernova and, use these sites to browse torrents and download them directly at same time.

viii. FullDls: This site is both search engine and direct downloader. The site uploads the content of the torrent in and provides the link where it is uploaded. You can upload the torrent as well, but search the file you are uploading before doing it. They might have already been indexed.

ix. FileStream: Managed by the a bot named Chiko, Filestream provides it;s user ability to download the torrent files directly. Just upload the torrent, the Chiko works on it to cache it and informs you by your email when it is done. You can download it easily later on with fast and secure connection. The service also seeds the torrents, a advantage for torrent uploaders. They store these content at web storages and make them private.

x. PutDrive: Download torrent files easily from this premium site rapidly and securely. These torrent content can be put to your Dropbox, GDrive,, Skydrive, etc. Along with this service you can also download from rapidshare and other filehosters easily and quickly. All these works with premium only. Just upload the torrent, they cache them for you and select wher you'd like to add the file or download to your computer.

xi. ByteBX: Just register at this fast and secured service and upload the torrent to begin your download right away but with some conditions. You've got only 2.5GB of free storage. What to do to get more? Get referrals and on 50 referral you get, you'll get 100GB freely and valid for 14 days. Cool, ain't that?
This is site new one, but works well. Thanks Prescilla for sharing.

xii. Torcache: I've heard complaints about this site that they are not working properly. But still had to add this to the list, cause previously they worked for me.
Check this post: How to download torrents from Torcache?

This is it, 12 sites are listed here which help you to download the torrent files' content directly. There's another site called Torrent2exe, but this site doesn't allow you to download using IDm but with it's own client.

You can also use some browsers to download torrents like Opera Browser, Wyzo, Bitfox, etc
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Make your blog go viral in Twitter using JustRetweet [Review + Giveaway]!

Social media publishing and earning from it has gone viral with any blog. But without a minimum number of followers or fans this is impossible. Once you get the number of fans they need to be responsive to make this possible. Well if they are not so in twitter, then JustRetweet can help you. We all know what the retweet option is, with the help of this even the followers of those who retweet can see the tweets and thus can bring visitors to your site even from those followers. Lets know a little about JustRetweet in brief.

JustRetweet is a credit based Twitter sharing and Twitter following service. It is the retweet sharing site that are used by social media savvy, influential bloggers who support businesses and collaborate with others. With just some options saved at JustRetweet; they do all the work that you need from your blog or website, like getting more retweets, traffic or even followers.

You can use this service by joining to the for free just by authorizing the connection to your Twitter account. You also get 100 trail credits just for joining, to try the service and notice the profits from the site. The registered users can earn the additional credits by sharing each others content and following each other on Twitter, like the way Twiends works. Once you authorize your Twiiter account to use this service, you can submit your content and offer credits to other users who retweet you or become your follower. This option, in easier words, can assign a value of credits to be offered to the users who does these retweets and follows. The more you assign, the better you get the number of retweets and followers.

Why use JustRetweet over others?

JustRetweet has been beneficial to many famous bloggers including Justin Germino from DragonBlogger, Dan Keller from TycoonBlogger, Gail Gardner from Growmap and many others by providing their service to spread their messages on Twitter and receive more traffic to their blog. Check the complete list of blogs that have been satisfied by this service from here.

Key Benefits of using JustRetweet:
  • Easy setup with free access
  • Users who are active will get much advantages by getting more followers
  • Human moderation for spam detection and to limit it completely
  • Build relation with other bloggers by sharing the content by them
  • Help your blog get better social exposure by getting retweets from real bloggers.
How to Request retweets in JustRetweet?

  1. Signin at using Twitter
  2. Click Submit Tweets from the menu
  3. Type in the Tweet. (Make sure the content does not include your username, will be added automatically)
  4. Select the number of credits you'll be offering for users to promote your tweet.
  5. Select how many times you want your tweet to be promoted
  6. Pick an appropriate category for your tweet. This will help only the concered people, related your selection, to retweet your Tweets!
How JustRetweet Works?

JustRetweet works just like the way that Twiends does. You just need to signin with your Twitter account at JustRetweet, then you get 100 credits free. Now you just need to follow others, liking, give out +1s from retweets or even Retweet other's tweet to earn credits. Use these credits to assign some task for your benefits. The more you've got the credits, the more you can get the followers, the number of retweets and others.

JustRetweet Credits Giveaway

Now in order to make you get the credits easier, we are hosting a giveaway of 24000 credits directly to your account and sponsored by the official owner of the JustRetweet Site. The 24k credits will be divided among 5 winners(of the giveaway) like this:

1 x 1st Winner: 10000 credits
2 x 2nd Winner: 5000 credits
2 x 3rd Winner: 2000 credits.

How to enter?
Just enter using the below Giveaway Box and follow each and every instructions given in it. Please do follow each step in order be the winner cause the points you earn are counted directly by the admin, only if they are perfectly followed you'll get the concerned points. So follow them as directed.

This is our second giveaway. Post your entries now!

Giveaway ends on 2nd June and the winners will be announced on 4th June. All the best.

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