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Clicksia - an elite site - review

Clicksia is a PTC site (paid to click) and PTCO (paid to complete offers) site which is online as well as paying since 2007 without any major issues like other scam PTC site.

Owner : William Jackson
Whois Details :
Contact :

Info on this site

* Number of days before account deleted for inactivity : 90 days

* PTP : Will be paid up to 0.003$  for every click you click on the ads running.

* Script : customised

* Site started : Aug 2007, 17

* Referral Earnings : 10% of your referral earnings

* Direct Earnings : PTSU - You get paid to signup with the minimum earnings between 0.10$ - 0.50$
                             PTC - You even get paid to click the adverts' ads in their site between 0.003$ - 0.001$
                             You even get paid to promote your referral link with a rate of 0.0001$ for a valid one.

* Others : Also has traffic exchange at the ratio of 1:0.8.
                Good contact support.
                Trusted by 459,021+ members
                Online members at the I wrote this post were 776 members.
                Good notification system.

The owner of this site was also an worker at (which was a scam one, now deleted), he also owns, a legit one. But now he is paying the members without making a big issue.
I even got my first payment today, I'll share a image of that earnings with you guys to prove that this one's a legit one. But the other members call this site an elite site, since they pay. I now got 1$ + in my incentria where I still did not request for the cashout. As soon as I receive payment from Incentria I'll post them here. So stay tooned.

The image below shows the proof.......... So what you guys waiting for start earning from today; still not a member just click here to register

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