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New way to download torrent using IDM

Hi, dear readers. I guess all my readers are good. In this post I am going to reveal a new site an alternative of torrific and Zbigz. With this you can easily download any torrent files without using a torrent client like uTorrent, Bittorrent, Zuse, etc. The site I am talking about is Torcache. This helps to cache the torrent which will be uploaded by the user and will be saved at such a setting:<infoHash>.torrent

Just click here to go to the site and start caching the torrent and download it directly or by using IDM.

Heres the tutorial to download the file.

Go to any torrent search engine and search he file and download it.

Now go to the site torcache. and under send the torrent file, upload the downloaded file.

Now from the site where you have downloaded the torrent copy the HASH Key.
Example : 3E146FDF18039B712C8CE838552529E686F9563D

Paste the Key before .torrent by replacing it with <infoHash> in the following URL.<infoHash>.torrent


Now got the edited link and click download and choose Free download.

Hope yo liked this,


  1. Nice article posting. Useful IDM tricks

  2. Tell me how to find HASH Key.
    Thank you.

    1. there is no such a site that could help you to download torrents using IDM except :) enjoy dude!!

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