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Now Adsense Allows One to Use multiple accounts at a website.

I think there were many questions regarding the fact whether Adsense allows to place multiple publishers' ad code at a single site/blog, but now remove this from your mind cause adsense allows at this pint of view.  Yes, you read it right. Now Adsense allows a user to have multiple account holders' ad code on a single site/blog or a page. This issue has been brought up cause often the publisher and the site owner run into this issue when two AdSense publishers manage a site together and both want to display their ads. I think this is a good news for everyone who were eager to know about this. "Why should I believe this?", you may get this into your head after reading the above lines. But in order to remove this I will say the place where I got this NEWS to you. I found this at the official blog of Adsense. You can read the post about this here directly at the Adsense Blog. This post has been written in July of 2008, but I really came to know about this the last week.

The Adsense team ask someone who undergoes this share to read these before implementing the codes at  your site.
Here are the important conditions that someone has to remember before doing this act:
i. The maximum number of products per page will remain the same i.e. the number of ad-units and link-unit that can be put per site.
ii. If someone don't own that site, they'll need to receive permission from the site owner to display their ads on their pages.
iii. The adsense team are unable to divide earnings between accounts, so any revenue generated will be credited to the account associated with the ad unit that was clicked or viewed.
iv. Any shared site that displays Google ads must also comply with our program policies.
vi. You're responsible for the content of any page where your ad code appears. Before placing your ad code on another publisher's site, we recommend reviewing the site for any policy violations.  (cause there are lot of people who use Adsense even though their site is against the TOS of Adsense.

Before implementing the code at one's site please make sure that you add the site URL at Allowed Sites so as to monitor where ads are appearing and have a good standing account of Adsense.

Hope this helped you get some very useful info... Please stay Tuned cause I am gonna write post on sharing the adsense slot using a very simple method (for blogger blogs) at my other blog, Everything About Blogging.