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How to know whether the Gmail account is compromised and recover it completely

You know what there are many people who don't know how to make out whether the account is compromised (Gmail). But with this post I just want such people to know to make out whether it is. Well it is very easy. To make out in such cases do this always.

First always know your ISP, I think most of you are always familiar with our ISP but not when you go to Cyber Cafe or to Neighbors, you can ask them. Rather than doing it always use this site which shows all the details of the IP you are using. I will reveal why this is required later on once I say how to make out the difference.

The website is, which records your IP and gives the detail of your Geo-location, ISP, etc.

Remember it always to check the your ISP.

Fine here I start up with the making of difference.

You can know it,

When your passwords are changed.
When there are some glitches/changes at your account.
When you find a illegal IP logged in to your account. How to know this?

To know this: Login to your Gmail account, if you have access to it and scroll down or try to find Account Activity button. Click on it and check all the "whois" of all the IPs, if they are all recognisable then they are OK/ or they are all from the ISP where I asked you to check regularly. So the above thing helped here if there is an unusual login and get their geo position directly.

Once you make out that your account has been compromised, you have to do this.

If you still have the access to the account do this:
First of all change the password, security questions and change the priority of 2-step-verification from no to yes and get it completely secured.

If you don't have the access:

Hope you liked this tutorial and thanks for reading.