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Clixsense - legit or scam

Everyone has a question till now whether the PTC site, Clixsense is legit or scam. But the reason behind this, they pay you only when you reach an account balance of $8.00, since it would be difficult to earn so much at that site (but not difficult if you follow the steps from this link). Once you reach the payment threshold, only then they would enable the button of 'cash out'. To say for instance, the site is legit and paid me with $10.00 the proof is give below (screenshot). How only $10, well I earn so much that the Tax along which the Clixsense team would redeem while payout. Like for $8 it would be $0.45, but for $10 it was $0.51. How?

The may charge some fees for pay out, $0.25 for themselves and 2.5 percent for the Alertpay team/Paypal team, since i took the payment via Alertpay it was $0.51.

The payment proof from Clixsense is posted below:

So this confirms that Clixsense is a legit site.


  1. No scam sir/madamm i`ve got 11 bucks last months ofcourse in the beginning i was happy that i got 5-6 cents/day but for now i get 3-4$/day so its good and already cashed out twice if you would like to join please join with my link thank you :).I`ll send u proof then.Have a nice day friends!

    1. Is ClixSense a scam? That must be the first question appear on your mind before deciding to join ClixSense or not. Well, I am also asking that question before signing up with ClixSense. I am searching thoroughly with Google to make sure. Well let me give overview about ClixSense.

      Clixsense Scam