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10+ Sites that allow to download torrent without any torrent client

Many people, nowadays, are trying to download torrents using direct links from browsers or using any download mangers, say IDM. Why did people choose to download torrent using this way(directly)? Well the answer to this question is, the sites which provides these downloads directly, download the contents of the torrent file using their systems(Servers) and place them in theirs servers itself. The content of the torrent will be downloaded at a very high speed internet network, even if there are too little seeds and saves them in their servers. Thus allowing users to download from their servers easily and quickly. The first (very famous) website to use this is the and due to some problems, the site was shut down. "No one provides such service. Till date!", I would say about it. Well I'll just say the below mentioned site list as the alternatives of
All these are Torrific Alternatives!
Before checking the list below, why don't you check this post: How to download torrent files without using any torrent clients.

Here goes the list:

i. ZeroBigz(Zbigz): After torrific went down, this site replaced the torrific's position. This site almost gives a service that torrific was giving previously. This site has many features included in it, with both premium and free service. The site asks the user to provide the local .torrent file or a magnet URL of the file to be downloaded directly. The servers saves the content and then provide a temporary links for downloading to it's users.

Key Benefits:
  • Both Free and Premium services
  • No network restrictions
  • Video and music streaming 
  • High security with https protocols
Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

ii. BTCloud: BTcloud stands second in the list, they use the same technique that zbigz and torrific is[was] using. BTCloud also provides both premium and standard services. Premium service can be easily bought using the BTCoins. For standard users, BTCloud allows to use torrent with content limited for 1GB of size and allows login using FB, Twitter and weibo. Which is required before downloading something.

Check the video tutorial on how to download torrent files using IDM from

iii. Boxopus: Boxopus downloads torrent content directly to your dropbox account without help of any torrent clients. With high security and trusted by many users, using this service is highly secured so need to worry about your DropBox account. Only three steps are involved in downloading the torrent content using the download managers:

  • Pick a torrent file
  • And upload to boxopus
  • Download the content from your DropBox account directly.

iv: is both Cloud storage and torrent client combined. Similar to Boxopus in working, but puts the downloaded data in the personal and private online cloud system and allows you to download instantly from anywhere without hogging your bandwidth connection. All this given at highspeed service. Just upload the torrent file download from any site, the websites caches the content at its servers and download the file.
Also watch RSS feeds and automatically start transfer jobs, works good with podcasts.

v. Torrent Handler: Torrent Handler works the way zbigz does, but without premium account you cannot download the files. Yes, Torrent Handler is a premium based service and no standard(free) service is available. Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Torrent Handler provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vi. Quick Torrent: Quick Torrent and Torrent Handler are both almost equal and thus come in next to each other. So both these websites are premium based and does not allow standard[free] downloads.  Just upload the torrent file, they download it on to their servers and provide you with a fast download [direct] link. Quick Torrent provides this service in secure and anonymous way. No extra softwares required or have to be online all the time. They also provide earning opportunities by Affiliation service, try now.

vii. BitLet: BitLet is another torrific alternative and is java based website. We've seen sites like youtube downloader or, both use java to download videos, similarly BitLet also uses the same method with different programs in it to download the contents of torrents. This site's service is used by Supernova and, use these sites to browse torrents and download them directly at same time.

viii. FullDls: This site is both search engine and direct downloader. The site uploads the content of the torrent in and provides the link where it is uploaded. You can upload the torrent as well, but search the file you are uploading before doing it. They might have already been indexed.

ix. FileStream: Managed by the a bot named Chiko, Filestream provides it;s user ability to download the torrent files directly. Just upload the torrent, the Chiko works on it to cache it and informs you by your email when it is done. You can download it easily later on with fast and secure connection. The service also seeds the torrents, a advantage for torrent uploaders. They store these content at web storages and make them private.

x. PutDrive: Download torrent files easily from this premium site rapidly and securely. These torrent content can be put to your Dropbox, GDrive,, Skydrive, etc. Along with this service you can also download from rapidshare and other filehosters easily and quickly. All these works with premium only. Just upload the torrent, they cache them for you and select wher you'd like to add the file or download to your computer.

xi. ByteBX: Just register at this fast and secured service and upload the torrent to begin your download right away but with some conditions. You've got only 2.5GB of free storage. What to do to get more? Get referrals and on 50 referral you get, you'll get 100GB freely and valid for 14 days. Cool, ain't that?
This is site new one, but works well. Thanks Prescilla for sharing.

xii. Torcache: I've heard complaints about this site that they are not working properly. But still had to add this to the list, cause previously they worked for me.
Check this post: How to download torrents from Torcache?

This is it, 12 sites are listed here which help you to download the torrent files' content directly. There's another site called Torrent2exe, but this site doesn't allow you to download using IDm but with it's own client.

You can also use some browsers to download torrents like Opera Browser, Wyzo, Bitfox, etc


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