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incloak VPN service review

Incloak VPN got it's name from short form "invisible cloak". Where invisible is shortened to 'in'. The word itself explains the meaning to their service, VPN. incloak is re-branded from it's original Russian site, popular in fact. The incloak, after rebranding itself from, sure got many online privacy tools update along with new touch ups for their server list for both VPN and web proxies by adding new countries to it. incloak VPN servers it service with wide range of applications protocols. They've also made it possible to use the service at many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux , iOS and others, while they also included routers. The service use 2048-bit encryption and thus the maximum protection from their strong security system. Unlocks many sites that are restricted at many countries.

Other services what they offer.

Apart from VPN the incloak company offers these:

i. WebProxy: Offering both paid and unpaid types, incloak also offers webproxy service directly from the homepage with access to all major sites from many servers(included only for premium users, non-premium they get from US).

ii. Proxy lists: With over 3000+ working proxies, incloak offers these web proxies for free to public. Apart from public they also offer two other proxy type with private and paid. Each proxy is tested at regular time and only then the list is updated. This is supported to all protocols, http, https, socks 4 and 5.

iii. Proxy Checker: Has unique features of checking of high speed that checks 64 threads, i.e 500 proxies in 3 minutes with smart detection technology of algorithms. The checker also checks for wide range of settings like ping, connection speed, city, country, proxy type and degree of anonymity.

iv. Port Scanner: This port is similar to what the other port scanners do. They just show which port is open on the entire connection and the resulted port is the one used to ping with. If so, no port is open, then the option of ping is disabled.

v. Speed Test: Unlike any other VPN providers, incloak offers the service of "speed test" based on flash. This helps one to know the upload and download speed of the internet connection.

vi. IP Checker: There are tons of sites helping to know the ip address and this site includes in the "tons'.

incloak also has some toolbars that has many option included in it like the anonymizer, IP display, authorization and news. Get the toolbar, only for firefox, from here.

More about incloak VPN

Working since 6 years, proved by their experience, incloak and provides the best internet shield of  protection by serving its user with highly secure VPN - virtual private network. Some feature of this VPN are:

incloak Servers: incloak provides servers based-in many countries. There are around 29 countries, you can suggest them one, with over 44 cities and 120+ different IPs. Check this(image) to get the complete list of countries provided. The list includes great countires US, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Latvia, etc. They are planning to add Japan and Estonia, apart from the available countries. These servers give access to many blocked sites like hulu, bbc,, etc.

incloak vpn's advantage over webproxy:

incloak VPN plans and pricing: The pricing to this VPN service starts from $0.95 as one day plan and till your quote on long-term packs. Apart from paid VPN, incloak also offers free trial for 24 hours. Try the free demo now! How to get it? Check the video below. There are regular discount as per the season. Discount from promo codes are also accepted. The payment processors they accept are Paypal (including Visa/Master Card), Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Bank wire, SMS payment and money transfer. Check the complete details on plans and pricing here. With money back within 7 days for dissatisfaction.

incloak compatibility: incloak VPN supports various platforms; windows, mac, iOS, linux, Android etc. They also support many technologies used for VPN like PPTP, Open VPN, L2TP with easy setup formalities.

Apart from all these, incloak accepts Affilate Program. Join now and earn commissions.

Review Conclusion
It was nice time testing this VPN service. They offer wide range of service tools apart from VPN. Got the great list of server countries. Great advantages over web proxies. The price and plans. They are worth a value to be purchased. Making the service easy to use with their selected technologies and platforms. They also give free trial for 24 hours. Try this VPN service now.

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incloak VPN Reviewed by Murali Mohan on . After all this test, I would strongly recommend one to use incloak VPN and give 4.5 stars out of 5. incloak is re-branded from it's original Russian site, popular in fact. incloak VPN servers it service with wide range of applications protocols. They've also made it possible to use the service at many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc Rating: 4.5

Video tutorial: How to get free 24 hours trial from incloak VPN and setup OpenVPN on winows?


  1. Just moved to hma to nordvpn. There service is superb so is there support. Getting awesome speed while browsing and surfing. Highly recommended provider.

    Ashley Jones

  2. All the VPN services I've looked at previously require you to install a client app on your computer or device - will any of these work with, say, the VPN client in a DD-WRT'd router too allow own to pipe his entire LAN over the VPN?

    Best VPN Provider