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TCS IT WIZ 2012 Bangalore Prelims questions with answers

Hi guys Yesterday I participated in TCS IT Wiz 2012 by TCS authored by PickBrain. Now I am going to share the prelim round questions with you guys, but after going through all the questions they had asked from (including stage finals and prelims) I made out that a few of the questions asked at other regions were almost asked even here with a twist at question. So read all the history about the companies/persons/logo/history etc of the question related with, so that you can at least make out with some correct answers. The cut off in Bangalore edition of TCS IT Wiz was 15. The winners got Samsung Note (each) and some other gifts like dinner @ taj Vivanta, certificate directly signed by the CEO of TCS, flight fares for both the team members and their escorts, haversack (a bag by TCS, where all the stuff was stored). I was able to answer twelve out of these correctly. Here goes the questions :

1. If Apple::Siri then Samsung:: ________ ?
A. S Vision

2. What is Android 4.1 titled?
A. Jelly Bean.

3. Name the social networking site that allows user to create their own social website and social network. (Options were given: Orkut, Ning, Vaidu)
A. Ning

4. What software is used in Apple as video calling one? (Only the picture below was given)

5. Peter Shu is founder of what portable storage device?
A. Transcend (Pendrives)

6. Drew Houston conceived the idea after repeatedly forgetting his USB Flash drive while he was a student at MIT. What creation did this lead to?
A. DropBox

7. The telecom company known as SouthWestern Bell Corporation (SBC) is today known as __________ ?

8. Identify the game...
A. The Travian Wars, the browser game of the year.

9. Name the co-founder of Sun Microsystems who wrote "Why The Future Doesn't Needs You?"
A. Bill Joy

10. Where will you use .srt files?
A. Subtitle Files.

11. Identify the company she is related to or give the name of her...
A. Facebook / Priscilla Chan

12. Which co has given the name for an app, "Velu, the Welder", designed to help kids who drop out of schools?

13. Which Microsoft Project had a working title called Project Natal?
A. Kinect.

14. Identify......

A. Verisign

15. Who owns POGO.COM?

A. Electronic Arts (EA)

16.An X is a unit of info or computer storage equal to one sextillion or 10 to the power of 21 bytes. What is X?
A. ZetaByte

17. They gave a photo of the someone with his thumb naming Jeffery and himself called Chuck.
The image had the following saying:
Jeffery: Ultimate Gamer, Partly Consultant. (Above the Thumb) and Over the person Chuck: Regular Guy (I did not get the correct image of this, so just gave with words.) Identify the game related to this....

A. Tetris.

18. I don't remember this question (sorry! But I am sure the device of Nintendo DS was NOT shown)

19. Macsyma is a programming language that enables one to do problems in what?
A. Algebra

20. Identify the company she is associated with.
A. She is Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo.

So this is it, if any one know the 18th question please say it here by commenting or sending an email at
Than you and hope I have given all the right ones.


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